Transparency & Disclosure

Transparency is important to me and for that reason, let’s talk about ethics and financial disclosure.

How I Make Money

My revenue comes from 5 places:

  1. Sponsorships in Monitoring Weekly and Real World DevOps
  2. Book sales (Practical Monitoring)
  3. Product sales (Monitor Anything)
  4. Amazon Affiliate links on this website
  5. Paid consulting and speaking engagements

In the course of my consultant and industry analyst role, I often work with both enterprises and vendors. I may make recommendations for or against companies in whom I hold stock or currently/previously receive money from. I have not ever accepted money in exchange for recommending/not recommending a product or vendor, nor do I ever intend to.

Any recommendations for/against a vendor/product or about a vendor/product will also be accompanied by a disclosure noting my relationship with the company, whether one exists or not. The same is true of any Amazon affiliate links on this website, which will be explicitly noted as affiliate links.

Stocks & Equity

I currently hold individual stock in Splunk, DocuSign, and Etsy, as well as numerous index funds.