Issue #073

Articles & News

Observerless: The hottest new thing in monitoring you’re already doing

The (in)famous Corey Quinn of Last Week in AWS recently graced the website of Monitoring Weekly and wrote this gem on a new/old concept: Observerless.

Infrastructure Monitoring with Mark Carter

Mark Carter, Product Manager for Stackdriver, talks to Software Engineering Daily about monitoring, tracing, observability and everything in between.

Operational Logging at Lyft: Migrating from Splunk Cloud to Amazon ES to Self-Managed Elasticsearch

In other words, they traded an invoice large enough to give most CFOs a heart attack for a complexity level high enough to give most SREs a heart attack. Then again, the team managing their ES stack is probably larger than most of our entire SRE teams.

Change check source in an Icinga 2 distributed master-master setup

For you Icinga folks in the crowd running distributed multi-master setups, I think you’ll find this one quite useful.

Monitoring and Observability in the .NET Runtime

I honestly didn’t expect this: the .NET runtime has some pretty good observability built into it. This article explores a whole bunch of it and it’s actually pretty great (if you’re running .NET applications, that is).

Kubernetes Monitoring with Prometheus, the ultimate guide (part 1)

Need a bit more k8s and Prometheus in your life? Here’s a new well-written walkthrough.


Monitorama AMS 2018 – September 4-5, 2018 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Are you in Europe? Everyone’s favorite monitoring conference, Monitorama, is coming to a canal near you! Monitorama kindly sent over a discount code for Monitoring Weekly readers: use MLOVEWEEKLY at checkout for €100 off.

See you next week!

— Mike (@mike_julian) Monitoring Weekly Editor