Enterprise Services

Analyst & Research Services

I can help you with:

  • Designing proof-of-concept designs for monitoring tool selection
  • Short-listing of products
  • Vendor negotiations


Looking for more hands-on assistance? I provide technical consulting services as well:

  • Monitoring assessments: alerting, incident management & response, tool gap analysis
  • Monitoring architecture design
  • Expert-on-demand for your teams

Contact me for more information.

Vendor Services

There are an extra set of services that cater to the unique concerns of vendors.

Subscription Services

Are you looking for ongoing advice and feedback on your product and marketing? I offer an annual subscription service that provides your Product and Marketing teams with direct access to me for whatever they like. This could be bouncing new messaging ideas around, gut-checks on features or new marketing campaigns, advice on segmentation and personas, and more. Because I talk to monitoring companies and people who buy monitoring tools regularly, I’m consistently well-informed on what the market is doing and what people are interested in.

Positioning Workshop

A half-day workshop to help your team work through product positioning. By the end of it, you will have a clear idea of your customer’s needs, desires, and pains, as well as how your product should be positioned to meet those.

Product Review

I will conduct a full review of your product from the perspective of a new-and-savvy customer, touching on every aspect: onboarding, integrations, support, documentation, and more. My experience will be written up and posted on the Monitoring Weekly website. You will see the article before it’s posted and have the chance to make corrections to any factual errors. You will receive reprints rights to the article.

Custom consulting engagements

If you’re looking for consulting help with something not listed here (eg, helping you identify potential partners, sales channels, market opportunities, or persona research), let me know and I’ll come up with a custom consulting engagement for you.

Speaking (webinars, podcasts, conferences, meetups)

I am available for internal or external speaking engagements, whether that’s a webinar, podcast, or an in-person event. Send me an email to ask about fees.