Testimonial: Hornblower Cruises & Events

“Mike Julian has worked on a wide range of problems for us and has delivered fantastic value for our investment with improvements in our database performance and website availability. He has helped our business mitigate risk and be more resilient to unexpected events by advising us on the migration back-end infrastructure from a physical datacenter into Amazon Web Services. When we had an outage at our main office that lasted nearly 24 hours, our website and ticketing system remained unaffected thanks to Mike’s work, allowing our normal business operations to continue unimpeded and saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential lost revenue. Without his insight and foresight, several revenue and non-revenue-generating websites would have gone down and we would have lost the ability to sell tickets and properly account for customer purchases.

In San Francisco, there are plenty of options to go with for the expertise I need at a range of prices. But you’re going to be hard-pressed to find another person that takes the same strategic approach to fixing problems that Mike Julian does. When we present a problem to him, Mike asks us the right questions to uncover what we’re looking to achieve for our business so he can present the right solutions. Instead of proposals full of line items and hourly estimations, Mike presents us with proposals that outline the why behind the project and the outcome that will be achieved at a fixed price. That’s the price I pay, no matter what it takes to get it done.

With Mike, I get white-glove service and engineering excellence. He is there every step of the way. During a particularly large and involved project, we had weekly meetings to discuss project progress and the impact each step would have on our business. All my questions were answered. It’s clear Mike takes so much pride in his work and the excellence is abundant. I would highly recommend Mike Julian.”