Testimonial: SPIE Switzerland Ltd

“As one of the largest ICT service providers in Switzerland, accurate monitoring is very important to our business to meet our SLA requirements and the needs of our customers.

It was clear from Mike’s newsletter, Monitoring Weekly, and book, Practical Monitoring, that he was the monitoring expert and could provide a neutral, professional opinion, that would help us optimize our monitoring.

Mike assessed our monitoring platform for strengths, weaknesses, and overall effectiveness. Following the assessment, we received a report that included an action plan with clear recommendations and timelines.

Engaging Mike also helped unify the affected internal stakeholders, who were all very happy we got an expert to do the audit and that we have a now have an action plan. As a result of the project, our company better understands the value monitoring brings to our business.

Even though we have a lot of technical expertise, we benefited from Mike’s extensive experience. As a bonus, the fact that we had done this independent report of our systems was very well-received by an ISO 27001 auditor, who specifically mentioned the value of what we did with Mike.

I enjoyed every conversation we had with Mike. It’s great to be able to talk to an expert who very clearly articulates solutions and ideas. We also appreciated that he didn’t simply deliver the report but gave us the opportunity to give feedback and took our suggestions into account. I highly recommend him.”