Vendor Consulting

One-off Consultation Session

Just looking for a few sessions with me here and there? I offer sessions on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each session is up to 90 minutes long and is limited to three people from your team. You can use this time for questions about the market direction, getting feedback on a marketing strategy, rapid-fire Q&A, or whatever you’d like. Sessions are held via Zoom and you’ll receive both the video recording and a transcript afterward. After paying, you’ll receive an email from me with a link to schedule our session.

Subscription Services

I offer two subscription services: the Analyst Subscription Service and the Proactive Briefings Service. You may purchase them separately or together.

These subscription services contain no deliverables, as they are advisory-only in nature. If we identify a project that you’d like my help on and it requires more hands-on assistance, I will be happy to provide a separate proposal and price for it.

Analyst Subscription Service

The Analyst Subscription Service is the primary way to work with me. This gives your Product, Marketing, and executive teams unlimited, direct access to me for whatever is on their mind.

(Yes, it really is unlimited—there are no hour blocks to keep track of, or trying to decide whether your question is really worth reaching into the piggybank.)

During the course of my role as an analyst and consultant, I talk to a wide variety of customers and vendors in the monitoring/observability/logging space. As a result, I’m consistently well-informed on what the market is doing, what people are interested in, problems are left unsolved, and more.

Some examples of what you might seek my advice on:

  • Gut checks on new features, messaging, and ad copy
  • Strategizing over how to best talk to a specific customer segment
  • Competitive feedback on how you stack up against your competitors
  • Getting perspective on where the market is going and what untapped opportunities there may be
  • Honing your marketing and product personas
  • Help interpreting customer feedback into tangible user stories

This list is by no means exhaustive, of course: struggling to understand a competitor’s strategy? Just need to vent? Want to discuss my famed jambalaya recipe? Whatever’s on your mind, I’m happy to provide my advice and knowledge.

I will remain up-to-date on your company’s products and offerings and be available to provide quotes for public relations and journalists seeking third-party input. I cannot guarantee whether the comment will be positive, but it will be well-informed, accurate, and truthful.

Practically speaking, you and your team will have access to me via email, video, phone, chat, smoke signals, or with whatever means you normally work. I guarantee a 24-hour business day response time, though in practice, it’s often much quicker than that.

Proactive Briefings Service

How much time are your own marketing and product staff spending to stay on top of news in the industry? Some people spend several hours a week on it, but if you’re like most companies, you’re probably not doing much aside from a couple tech newsletters and Google Alerts on your competitor’s products. Even then, you’re still having to take the time to digest it and consider its impact on your business.

Free up time for your staff and let me handle it. I will proactively provide you with regular updates about happenings in the market that I think are interesting and relevant to your company. This might be a new product in the market that’s adjacent or competitive to you, major acquisitions in your market segment, or even just an interesting-and-relevant article—all with my take on it and its impact to you and your business. These will be sent as they come up, so you might get several in a day or nothing for weeks, depending on activity in the market.

Custom consulting engagements

Sometimes you need a little more hands-on, customized assistance with your challenges. Some examples of custom projects are:

  • Competitive research & analysis
  • Identify potential partners and sales channels
  • Persona and segmentation research
  • Market research and forecasting
  • Positioning workshops
  • Technical product reviews

If you’re interested in something custom, send me a note in the contact form below.

External Speaking (webinars, podcasts, conferences, meetups)

I am available for external, customer-facing speaking engagements, such as webinars, podcast, or an in-person event.

Internal Speaking / Q&A

Speaking at an internal company event is a great way to build excitement and expand the knowledge of your team or company. These are in-person, private speaking engagements, such as a company function.

Content Writing

I don’t offer content-writing-for-hire, but I do partner with the wonderful people at Hit Subscribe who create incredible developer-focused content. They’ll work closely with you to understand your vision and market, come up with a content strategy, and make it happen.

Why work with me if you’re already working with other analyst firms (e.g. RedMonk, 451 Research, Gartner)?

You’re careful about where you spend your limited budget, and want to be sure it’s spent wisely. What are the benefits of working with me versus some other analyst firm? There are two big benefits you get when working with me.


Unlike the major industry analyst firms, my professional background is in systems administration, DevOps, and Site Reliability rather than management, journalism, or developer advocacy. This background makes me unique in the world of analysts because I am first-and-foremost a practitioner and come from the ranks of your own customers rather than an outsider-looking-in.

This allows me to understand the customers you serve at a level other analysts can’t. I know and speak the language your customers do—because I am them.

As a practitioner, I have a finely-honed BS detector: you can be assured that I will tell you the truth about how yours or a competitor’s product/messaging comes across to customers, whether it’s good or bad.

Monitoring & observability specialist

Every analyst firm tends to be a firm of generalists, whether they intend to be or not. They cover entire swathes of the market, which I’m sure is quite a lot of work to keep up on.

Unlike them, I’m not a major firm—it’s just me, here—and I’m a specialist in the one area that your company focuses on: monitoring and observability. As a specialist, I can speak to monitoring products and market problems at a depth unmatched by the other analyst firms.