Why sponsor Monitoring Weekly?

With so many options for where to spend your sponsorship dollars, it’s an apt question! Simply put: if you want to reach a group of people who love monitoring and are always looking for tools and tips on improving it, Monitoring Weekly is the newsletter to do it. There are many newsletters out there that contain a cross-section of the industry, but Monitoring Weekly is the only one focused exclusively on monitoring. You can look through past issues in the Issue Archive to see what a typical issue is like.

Who are Monitoring Weekly readers?

The Monitoring Weekly audience is a diverse crowd made of everyone from software engineers to CEOs. They are brought together by the common interest of learning about and improving the world of monitoring, whether it’s their own or the general state of things in the industry.

Monitoring Weekly subscribers have an interest across the entire “stack” of monitoring, from logging to metrics, from new tools to incident management, and more.

Some demographic data:

  • Regions: 40% North America, 40% Europe
  • Company size: 40% in a company with more than 500 employees, 33% in a company of less than 50 employees, and the remaining 27% somewhere in between
  • Job role: 72% working in DevOps/SRE/IT, 16% in Software Engineering
  • Job level: 70% employee/contractor, 30% management

What does a sponsorship look like in the newsletter?

There are two sponsor slots in each newsletter issue, spaced throughout the issue. The slot can contain an image, a link to anywhere you’d like, and about 50 words of text.

Unique to Monitoring Weekly, I write the sponsorship copy for you. Based on two years worth of sponsorship data, it’s conclusive that links perform significantly better when I write them, sometimes at a 10x or more increase in clicks.

How should we proceed?

I can be reached via email or using the contact form below. Can’t wait to hear from you!