How To Improve On-Call

Your on-call rotation doesn’t have to suck. These resources, collected from people who have been there before, will help you improve your on-call.

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Monitoring With Prometheus

Prometheus has taken the monitoring world by storm over the last few years, coming from seeming-obscurity to being the second project adopted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and one of the most-talked-about monitoring tools in those working in modern, highly-scaled web infrastructure.

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Observerless: The hottest new thing in monitoring you’re already doing

Settle the monitoring vs observability debate by adopting Observerless principles–it’s the the hottest new thing in monitoring you’re already doing.

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The top 5 best books on monitoring

Many people’s first stop when improving monitoring is to buy a few great books. Rather than spending your time slogging through Amazon’s search results, let me save you the trouble: here are my top five books on monitoring, in no particular order.

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What Driving a Jalopy Taught Me About Monitoring

Driving old, beat-up cars is both a treat and a nightmare, especially when it comes to figuring out why they’ve stopped working (this time).

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What is “observability”?

Everything you wanted to know about observability and more

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