Prometheus has taken the monitoring world by storm over the last few years, coming from seeming-obscurity to being the second project adopted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and one of the most-talked-about monitoring tools in those working in modern, highly-scaled web infrastructure.

Where do I start?

Monitoring, the Prometheus Way

You’ll want to start by watching this video from Prometheus co-founder, Julius Volz. It’s a fantastic walkthrough of what Prometheus is, how it works, and why you should consider it as part of your next monitoring evolution.

Prometheus, a tutorial by James Turnbull

If you’d rather read, this article is also a perfect introduction to Prometheus concepts.

I want to go deeper. What else do you have?

Prometheus: a five-part series

Pierre Vincent wrote a damn fine five-party series on Prometheus covering the breadth of it:

Prometheus: Apdex alerting

If you’re coming from New Relic, you may be familiar with the Apdex index measurement. This article walks you through how to obtain that same measurement with Prometheus.


Monitoring With Prometheus by James Turnbull

James has a history of writing amazing technical books and Monitoring With Prometheus continues that tradition. I believe this book will go on to become the definitive book for Prometheus.