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Monitoring Weekly - Issue Archive

Many of you have asked and now it’s finally here: the Monitoring Weekly Issue Archive! Enjoy, and feel free to send me feedback (just reply to this email!)

Sysdig Monitor spring 2017 release

Lots of updates in their Spring 2017 release: native Docker Swarm integration, support for Kubernetes 1.6, and more.

Zabbix 3.2 is WAY more efficient!

Using Zabbix? Turns out 3.2 is quite a lot more efficient than previous versions, so much so that this person at first thought their systems might have had something horrible happen…turns out, just better code.

Grafana 4.3 Beta Release

Okay, so it’s a beta release, but holy smokes those upcoming features: heatmaps, histograms, MySQL datasource, and more.

Brewing in Beats: Auditd alternative in Metricbeat

I really like auditd. I also really hate auditd. Did I mention my love-hate relationship with auditd? Seems the folks at Elastic have something similar going on, so they wrote their own implementation for Metricbeat…without the warts. Oh yeah.

The age-old debate is settled: how do you pronounce Nagios?

Found in a thread on Twitter, turns out this debate was actually settled quite some time ago (way back in May 2014). Finally, we can all get back to the only real debate left: how to pronounce GIF.


This is a super neat tool to use Datadog query results to instruct AWS ASGs on what to do.

Events & Meetups

In an unfortunate circumstance of timing, two great SF-based monitoring meetups are all on the same evening (tonight!).

May ‘17 SF Metrics Meetup (San Francisco, CA)


  1. What Your Javascript Does When You’re Not Around - @eanakashima (Bugsnag)
  2. Twitter’s Next-Gen Alerting System: Reliable Alerting at Scale - @megankanne (Twitter)

(full disclosure: I co-organize this meetup)

May ‘17 MonitorSF Meetup (San Francisco, CA)


  1. Lightning fast monitoring against lightning fast outages - @mpetazzoni (SignalFx)

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