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Don’t Read Your Logs

A caution that logs aren’t always the best instrumentation approach for your apps, including plenty of examples where exception capture tools or metric tools would be a far better solution over some common logging patterns.

Announcing New CloudWatch Metrics for VPN Tunnels

All I have to say about this: it’s about freaking time.

The Calculus of Service Availability

The authors of the Site Reliability Engineering book expound more about their concept of Service Level Objectives in this article.

Premortems: The Art of Negative Visualization

The lessons of the Stoics applied to incident management and monitoring? Yes please! This article talks through the value of an explicit premortem in order to avoid making costly mistakes.

Sensu Training Redux

It’s been a while since Sensu has done public training sessions, and they’ve finally scheduled a new two-day session. With all of the work that Sensu has been undergoing the last several months, the reimagined training sessions are gonna be great. (full disclosure: my company,, is a service partner for Sensu Inc)

Announcing the Grand Opening of the Online Elastic Store

Now you can get your Elastic swag fix anytime. :partyparrot:

Using the Right Mean for Meaningful Performance Analysis

Using statistics in monitoring is something that often comes up as a holy grail sort of thing, but many of us (myself included!) aren’t that well-versed in statistics to begin with. This article goes through some of the most common statistical approaches and talks about their use cases.


I learned about this tool at Monitorama this week, and it looks super cool. It turns your R analyses into interactive webapps. Sweet. The monitoring ecosystem needs more R.

Grafana 4.3 Release

I linked to Grafana 4.3 going Beta last week, and now it’s released. Props to them for a quick release cycle! Basically, everything that was in the Beta is now ready for production use.

AWS CloudWatch logs for Humans

CloudWatch logs has always been a huge pain for me. The usage has always felt wonky and more difficult than it should be. This new tool makes reading through CloudWatch logs so much easier.

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