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I heard from many of you about a couple articles in last week’s issue didn’t quite sit right with you, so I want to personally and publicly apologize for that. A new newsletter can often take some trial and error to find its voice and that perfect balance of high-quality versus thoroughness, so thank you for all the great feedback you had. As always, I love your feedback and keep it coming.

Monitoring News, Articles, and Blog posts
Metrics of a conference – The Monitorama Blog

Seems that Monitorama has a blog now, which is great, because I really didn’t have enough monitoring in my life. In all seriousness, organizer Jason Dixon has posted up results of this year’s attendee survey with some thoughts on what’s next for Monitorama–definitely worth reading.

Monitorama PDX 2017 - Portland, OR on Vimeo

Speaking of Monitorama, the edited videos are done!

Our recent update to Telegraf v1.3 - 40 New features!

Looks to be a pretty nice release with tons of useful changes and bugfixes.

Applications of (pin)trace data

The folks at Pinterest have talked about their in-house tracing stuff before, cleverly and aptly named Pintrace. In this article, they talk about how they’re using it for normal, day-to-day debugging. Actual, real, concrete examples included too–no toy examples like a lot of tracing articles I’ve been seeing lately.

Monitoring Consul with statsd exporter and Prometheus

As the author points out, using Consul for monitoring is pretty common and straightforward. Monitoring Consul, though…not as straightforward. I honestly expected it to be super simple, but ¯\(ツ)/¯. The author walks through getting Consul metrics via statsd+Prometheus and using them in Grafana.

Sensu Summit 2017 Registration & CFP

Any Sensu users in the house? In what feels like a recurring theme in the monitoring world (GrafanaCon, PromCon…), the folks behind Sensu are throwing the very first Sensu Summit in Portland later this year. Best part: CFP is open. (well, that and donuts in Portland)

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