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This week is super light, probably due to the American holiday this past (long) weekend. Enjoy a short issue. :)

Monitoring News, Articles, and Blog posts
Grafana 4.4 Release

Among the bug fixes and minor improvements is one major feature: versioned dashboards. No more fiddling with panels, trying to figure out what the heck your coworker changed right before they went on vacation.

BabyDuty or: How PagerDuty Accidentally Prepared me for Fatherhood

Clever uses for tools is something I love seeing and talking about, and this is a good one: leveraging both PagerDuty itself and the skills learned from incident management/on-call to handle a newborn baby.

Open Sourcing Iris and Oncall

More slick stuff from the team at LinkedIn. This time, they’ve open sourced what amounts to an internal PagerDuty. This could be rather useful for those of you with internal compliance requirements that prohibit the use of SaaS.

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