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It’s a short issue this week–then again, it’s the middle of summer vacations for those of us in the northern hemisphere. In fact, I’ve decamped to Canada to do the final push on finishing my book, Practical Monitoring. So, hello from Canada, and I hope you enjoy this week’s issue!

Monitoring News, Articles, and Blog posts
Introducing Matomy’s New Monitoring Solution: InfluxDB – Grafana

Transition and growth stories are always fun. It’s like getting a free peek into the future and learning from other people’s stories of troubles and woe and how they overcame them. This article details Matomy’s growth from humble Graphite beginnings to a robust metrics platform consisting of Brubeck, InfluxDBm, and Grafana, including their brief stint with a scaled-out Carbon+Whisper cluster.

Failure Fridays: Four Years On

This article isn’t strictly about monitoring, but it does talk about something many of you are probably interested in: chaos engineering. What’s especially interesting about this article, though, is the lengths that PagerDuty goes to in ensuring the incredible reliability we’ve all come to expect from them. It’s a brief glimpse into PagerDuty’s perspective on chaos engineering and distributed systems reliability.

A Practical Introduction to Elasticsearch

For those not steeped in the world of of the ELK stack, Elasticsearch is the E in the ELK acronym. Elasticsearch serves as the data storage and search engine components of the logging/analysis stack. To say Elasticsearch can get confusing for newcomers is, well, an understatement. To rectify this, the fine folks at Elastic have written a wonderful guide on it. Even if you’ve been around the Elasticsearch ecosystem for a while, it might even be worth reading for the refresher.

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