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From Scala Unified Logging to Full System Observability - Part 1, Part 2

Where most articles about logging start at the server side, this three part series (Part 3 isn’t out yet) starts in the app’s code, which makes for an interesting and refreshing perspective. Follow along as they work on standardizing their internal logging libraries and approaches in an effort to make developers’ work easier and improve visibility in the app.

PagerDuty Summit 2017

PagerDuty is holding an event in San Francisco later this year, along with two separate tracks they’re calling PagerDuty University, wherein they go deeper on incident management and on-call, respectively. The Summit itself is free so I’ve signed up–see you folks there?

InfluxData Supports a Billion Time Series

That’s a mighty big number and a mighty big claim. From what it says, it seems to be a billion metrics in total and not a rate… Which leads me to the next question: who has the largest Influx setup? Write about it and get your article in Monitoring Weekly!

Programming your personal weather chart

Being in San Francisco, where the weather is beyond fickle, I keep looking for a way to always know what I should be wearing that day, so these sorts of projects are pretty neat. This one uses an RPi, InfluxDB, and Grafana.

weaveworks/cortex: A multitenant, horizontally scalable Prometheus as a Service

Not a lot to add here: Prometheus-as-a-Service. Well, mostly–it’s a Prometheus-compatible API, at least.

Comparing Seven Monitoring Options for Docker

This is an amazingly in-depth article about all of the major options for monitoring Docker containers, covering the Docker Stats API, cAdvisor, Scout, DataDog, Sensu, Prometheus, and Sysdig Cloud. And there’s a bonus video to go along with it.

Measuring web performance; it’s really quite simple

The author makes a compelling point for championing a single metric as The Metric to Use for improving website performance and maintaining that performance over time. I especially like the author’s disdain for the document.onLoad/window.onLoad methods of measuring page load time.

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