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Experience Design is Human-Centered; Our Metrics Should Be, Too

This isn’t about metrics as most of us think about them, but about metrics from the UX and and customer design perspective. It’s been a common theme for the past few years that we should be focusing on the metrics that matter to the business, but the author makes the case that we should also ask what matters to the user, rightly pointing out that they may not be the same. Those of us in Ops and Dev should take note.

InGraphs: Monitoring and Unexpected Artwork

There’s something beautiful and compelling about a good graph, I must say, and it seems I’m not the only one who thinks so. Someone at LinkedIn has been saving interesting graphs internally for a while and decided to write about it. Bonus points for the graphs-as-art at the end, which reminds me of the fantastic lightning talk by Dave Josephsen at Monitorama 2016.

Linux Load Averages: Solving the Mystery

Everything you wanted to know but didn’t think to ask about load averages. I’ve always been taught that load average is CPU load average, but apparently, that’s not quite true for Linux (but is for other *NIX operating systems). There’s some really great stuff in this article.

Boldly Go - Elastic Pioneer Program

With Elastic Stack 6.0 coming soon, Elastic as opened what amounts to a bug bounty program. There’s a good opportunity to put the beta through its paces and score some good old internet points. Well, that and a ticket to the Elastic conference.

Availability Calculator

I ran across this earlier in the week, which is way better than constantly googling for “high availability chart. Of course, when it comes to availability numbers, it’s as they say: there be dragons. I’m convinced most SLAs are just lies and wishful thinking, but using these as targets is helpful.

AWS Adds 12 More Services to Its PCI DSS Compliance Program

For those of you with PCI-DSS concerns, CloudWatch Logs (among other services) hit the PCI-DSS-compliant list last month. Now to just find someone who’s actually using CloudWatch Logs…

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