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Monitoring News, Articles, and Blog posts
Elastic{ON} 2018 Call for Presentations: Your Story. Our Stage. You In?

Are you doing cool stuff with Elastic? The Elasticon 2018 CFP is open and calling your name. Also: they’re beyond just a free ticket for speakers and also covering two nights in the hotel and helping with travel costs. Gotta be expensive for them but I must say, bravo for stepping up and treating speakers well.

The Story of Two Outages

There’s not much here…except for some neat and interesting graphs. With Cloudflare handling so much of the global internet traffic, they’ve got a unique perspective on what’s happening with internet traffic. What does traffic look like when a country decides to cut themselves off the internet? Or when a hurricane hits a region? Click through and find out.

Join the Web Performance Team at the Wikimedia Foundation!

I don’t normally link to job postings here, but this one is especially interesting because it’s basically a blog post about Wikimedia’s monitoring infrastructure. Seems that they do way more with the Navigation Timing API than I expected, so that’s pretty cool.

Adding Support for Zipkin and Tracing to Telegraf and InfluxDB

Basically just as it says: Telegraf now has a plugin for collecting Zipkin data and storing it in InfluxDB. The announcement goes into some detail about how tracing in general and how this new plugin is actually implemented and used.

Elastic Stack 5.6.0 Released

A new version of the Elastic Stack is out. Looks like the biggest thing about this release is that you’ll need to be running 5.6.0 in order to do a rolling upgrade to 6.0 (when that comes out). I think that’s worth the upgrade.

Datadog Brings in More Data Visibility with Log Management Acquisition

In what is an obviously a quest for world market domination, and presumably an effort to figure out how to spend all that cash, Datadog has expanded into the world of logging with the acquisition of Logmatic. I would have linked to Datadog’s own announcement, but I think this analysis from The New Stack is much more interesting.

Amazon Route 53 Announces Support For DNS Query Logging

One downside to using a hosted DNS provider is that you (usually) no longer have access to your DNS query logs. Not generally a big deal but given how often DNS is the culprit, query logs can be super helpful. Now we’ve got them in Route 53.

Amazon VPC NAT Gateways now support Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring and Resource Tagging

Another very useful one from AWS happened this week too: NAT Gateway metrics. Oh yes. :D

September ‘17 SF Metrics Meetup - TONIGHT

SF Metrics Meetup is hosting Ted Young of Lightstep, who will be talking about OpenTracing and metrics, and Fred Moyer of Circonus, who will be talking about IRONdb and TSDB design. Not in SF? Watch the livestream!

Full disclosure: I co-organize this meetup.

See you next week!

– Mike (@mike_julian) Monitoring Weekly editor