Hey folks, welcome to another installment of Monitoring Weekly! Did you write something about monitoring recently? Maybe got an idea rolling around in your head? Send it on over and let the community learn from you. :D

Monitoring News, Articles, and Blog posts
Monitoring in the time of Cloud Native – Cindy Sridharan

Alright, here’s the deal: I’m not even going to attempt to summarize this beast of a post. It’s incredible and if you only read one article this issue, it should be this one (but please do read all of the articles!). Also: better make a pot of coffee/tea, because it’s a bit of a read (and worth it).

GrafanaCon EU - Early registration

Earlybird registration for GrafanaCon EU is open–better get your tickets while they last.

Monitoring and Observability with USE and RED

I really love mental models. The USE Method and the Four Golden Signals from the SRE book are two of my favorites for performance analysis and monitoring. I hadn’t seen RED before, but it looks like a really useful mental model. Regardless, the author makes the observation that the two models are very much complementary, as they talk about related-but-not-the-same metrics.

How We Monitor AWS Lambda at OpsGenie with Thundra

The folks at OpsGenie give us a detailed look at how they’re monitoring their Lambda-based infrastructure. I love how many moving pieces it has: AWS X-Ray, AWS Cloudwatch, Elasticsearch, New Relic, and more. Makes me think we’re all still trying to figure out how what the serverless monitoring story actually looks like. (oh, wait, we are…)

The Sensu Prometheus Collector

Do you really like using Prometheus exporters for metrics? Also really like Sensu? This new metrics collector from Sensu solves your quandry.

Full disclosure: My company is a Sensu Partner. I received no consideration, monetary or otherwise, for including this link here.

Monitoring Air Quality Open Data

Grafana, InfluxDB, Docker, and a bit of Python all come together for…a pretty sweet-looking dashboard of historical air quality data for the city of Gijón, Spain. Remember folks: these tools have quite a bit more use than just graphing API latency.

Prometheus - James Turnbull

I love it when James Turnbull writes about monitoring (you have read The Art of Monitoring, right?), and this post is no exception. James walks us through the foundational concepts behind Prometheus and a simple prototype setup. Love it.

Prometheus 1.8.0

This release is chock full of stuff, including a few new features and some bugfixes.

SF Metrics: OpenTracing & Metrics, and Time Series Databases at Scale

The videos from September’s SF Metrics meetup are live now, and it was a fantastic evening of talks. Check ‘em out.

Full disclosure: I co-organize this meetup. But the talks are still really great. ;)

See you next week!

– Mike (@mike_julian) Monitoring Weekly editor