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Monitoring News, Articles, and Blog posts
Time Series Database Lectures #3 - Saurabh Goel (Two Sigma)

This lecture series is definitely introducing me to TSDBs I didn’t even know existed and that’s pretty cool. This time, the folks at Two Sigma talk about the TSDB they built called Smooth Storage, including the data model, use cases, and system architecture.

Using Kafka and Grafana to monitor meteorological conditions

This is actually the first time I’ve ever seen Kafka and Graphite in the same stack, but it really does have a great use case. The author pulls data from over a hundred weather endpoints and stores them in Kafka+Graphite for later trend analysis and historical reporting. Pretty neat use of the tools.

Upcoming Sensu Training Opportunities

Do you use Sensu? Interested in using it? Either way, the fine folks behind it are doing free online training sessions soon. I went through one of these myself and I must say, they’re quite good. Definitely recommended.

Full disclosure: My company, Aster Labs, is a Sensu Partner. I received no consideration, financial or otherwise, for including this post.

**[InfluxDays Registration Time Series Database Conference InfluxDays](https://influxdays.com/register/)**

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that the folks behind InfluxDB are putting on a one-day conference in San Francisco, and now there’s a bonus for Monitoring Weekly readers: a 25% off promo code – InfluxMW25. See you there?

October ‘17 SF Metrics Meetup - San Francisco Metrics Meetup (San Francisco, CA)

The SF Metrics meetup is next Wednesday evening, where we’ll be hearing about metric sampling and the evolution of monitoring at LinkedIn. Can’t make it/not in SF? Got you covered: here’s the link to the livestream.

Full disclosure: I co-organize this meetup.

See you next week!

– Mike (@mike_julian) Monitoring Weekly editor