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Monitoring News, Articles, and Blog posts
Announcing Prometheus 2.0

Huge congratulations are in order for the folks working on Prometheus for hitting a major milestone! Great work!

There’s a lot of improvements in 2.0 but most interesting are the main new features: a completely overhauled storage subsystem and the addition of staleness handling.

Monitoring the Dark Army with Kibana on Mr. Robot

I love spotting *NIX stuff in mainstream film and this one is super cool: Kibana on screen in Mr. Robot. I went looking for other examples of this sort of thing in film and turns out it’s suprisingly uncommon for movies/TV to obviously feature *NIX on screen. Major props to the tech consultants with Mr. Robot for the dedication to realism.

Hierarchical Observability with RED

While the RED method works pretty well, it has a major shortcoming: diagnosing whether the issue is with one service or a dependency. This article proposes a solution to that while also making the case for standardizing on RED metrics for every service your organization runs.

Grafana and Microsoft Azure

Do you manage an Azure infrastructure? In love with Grafana? Grafana and Azure recently announced an official Grafana integration for collecting and displaying Azure metrics.

Monitoring for Everyone (talk recording)

This is a pretty great overview of monitoring and logging given by one of the developers at Grafana.

Sensu Training Fall 2017 (video series)

I really expected this entire training series to become paid so I am super stoked that the folks at Sensu are providing the entire series for free. Whether you’re a new Sensu user or an experienced one, this series has something great to offer.

Also, shout out to my best friend Aaron who’s running the training. :D

Full disclosure: My company, Aster Labs, is a Sensu Partner. I received no consideration, financial or otherwise, for including this post.

How to Monitor the SRE Golden Signals

We’ve talked a lot here at Monitoring Weekly about the use of Google’s “Golden Signals” (errors, latency, saturation, traffic). This post is a multi-part series that dives deep on both understanding what the signals mean in different scenarios as well as how to collect them for different parts of your infrastructure. Check out the rest of the series too:

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