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Simple Structured Logging with NLog

Structure your logs, people. (well, sometimes don’t bother, but if you’re reading this newsletter: structure your logs!)

Scaling Time Series Data Storage — Part I

It isn’t often that we get to read about scaling challenges 99% of us will never experience, so here’s Netflix to let you live vicariously.

Monitoring for Distributed and Microservices Deployments

Much has been said about the differences between monitoring monoliths and microservices and the new challenges that come with a microservice architecture. But you know what? This article is a pretty clear and concise explanation of those challenges and I really like it.

How we monitor asynchronous tasks

This is a really interesting stack of technology: Bucky, celery, tornado, and statsd. Really interesting (and neat) setup for solving the problem of async task monitoring.

Icinga Camp Berlin 2018

Any Icinga fans out there? Don’t miss the next Icinga Camp in Berlin this coming March. Looks like it’s bound to be a great time.

Key metrics for RabbitMQ monitoring (Part 10) & Collecting metrics with RabbitMQ monitoring tools (Part 2)

Another set of great posts from the writers at Datadog, this time on RabbitMQ.

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