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5 traits of teams that make on-call less terrible for developers

It’s actually not terribly difficult to drastically improve the on-call experience and these five suggestions are really great ones. My favorite is #5: have empathy.

March ‘18 SF Metrics Meetup

If you’re in the SF Bay Area, be sure to come to the SF Metrics Meetup next week on March 7th! We’ve got Baron Schwartz (Vivid Cortex, @xaprb) and Mike Freedman (TimescaleDB, @michaelfreedman) speaking.

Full disclosure: I’m an organizer of this event.

Lisa Phillips on Twitter: “Conversations around compensation for on-call. What has worked or not for you? $$ vs PTO. Alerts vs Scheduled vs Actual Time? 1 x 1.5 or 2x?”

Do you pay extra for on-call duties? Why? Why not? This thread on Twitter has a lot of really great thoughts on the topic. Personally, I think on-call should be compensated for. Doctors and nurses, for example, know that on-call is part of their job going into it and they’re still paid extra for their on-call shifts. Our industry is rather flippant about the whole thing, and I think that needs to change.

Micrometer Application Monitoring

From the fantastic folks at Pivotal, Micrometer aims to be a vendor-agnostic metrics library for JVM-based applications.

Monitoring with Prometheus

Curious about Prometheus? Here’s another well-written start-up guide.

Processing Data at Scale - Introducing Sawmill

Built by the folks at Logz.io, Sawmill is an open-sourced tool they’ve been using internally as a replacement for Logstash’s JSON transformation functionality. If you’re running Logstash at scale, this might help.

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