Hey folks, welcome to another installment of Monitoring Weekly! Did you write something about monitoring recently? Maybe got an idea rolling around in your head? Send it on over and let the community learn from you. :D

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Monitoring News, Articles, and Blog posts
Business Observability Matters Too (video)

I am a huge fan of systems people and developers being more engrossed in the business and paying attention to higher-level metrics/KPIs. This talk goes through what goes into deciding and measuring business KPIs, and some potential pitfalls.

Slack Notification with CloudWatch Alarms & Lambda

Pretty straightforward: a walkthrough of setting up CloudWatch to send alerts to Slack via a Lambda function written in Go.

Start Your Engines: White Box Monitoring for Your Load Tests (video)

I think this is a really cool idea: push your load testing data (eg Gatling) to your monitoring systems. The author walks through how to do it with Prometheus and Grafana.

grapeshot/vault_exporter: A Prometheus metrics exporter for Hashicorp’s Vault

Monitor Hashi Vault with Prometheus using this exporter. Also pretty straightforward.

rcoh/angle-grinder: Slice and dice log files on the command line

This is a super cool CLI-based log analyzer. I can’t really do it justice in text, but there’s a short demo gif in the docs. Check it out.

Fun with air quality sensors and IoT systems monitoring

The Northern California fires were pretty awful in general, and they created some terrible air quality all around the San Francisco Bay Area. The author walks us through how he set up some neat monitoring for air quality and piping alerts to his phone.

Amazon CloudWatch Metric Math

CloudWatch now has some basic math operations for metrics: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication. They’ve also added a few mathematical functions: sum, average, min, max, and standard deviation.

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– Mike (@mike_julian) Monitoring Weekly Editor