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Monitoring News & Articles

What is “observability”? - Monitoring Weekly

There have been a lot of questions coming up about observability lately, thanks to all the articles being written about it. I compiled the most useful and informative articles into a single list to make it easier to share with your colleagues. Let me know what you think, and if there’s another topic you’d love to see this done for.

Cassandra Query Observability with Libpcap and Protocol Observer

Speaking of observability, the folks at Circonus have gone mad and determined that getting visibility into Cassandra via standard instrumentation methods just isn’t good enough. Instead, why not just go right to the wire and pull latency data via packet captures? Crazy, but hey, probably can’t get better than that.

Building Services at Airbnb, Part 2

Part 1 is a great read, but what I really like about Part 2 is the standardization of metrics. One of the more troublesome things you run into when you have multiple teams running different services is that your naming scheme becomes completely bonkers. I really like Airbnb’s solution: a shared framework for all teams that emits the same standard set of metrics in a consistent naming scheme.

A Deep Dive into Kubernetes Metrics — Part 3 Container Resource Metrics

k8s, containers, and Prometheus–what more could you want?

How to Collect Custom Metrics from AWS EC2 Instances

AWS: CloudWatch is great. You should use it.

You: Cool, a free native monitoring tool. …hey, where’s the memory metrics? Those are, you know, kinda important.

AWS: Oh, yeah, uhhh, ¯\(ツ)\/¯

A series on OpenTracing The folks at SemaText have been writing a series of great articles on OpenTracing and they’re worth a read for the straight-forward explanation of it all.


Time Series | Time Series Boston (Boston, MA) | Meetup

Are you in the Boston, MA area? Looking for something to do on July 17th? Wayfair and Grafana are speaking at a meetup in Back Bay and it looks to be a good one!

Do you have a monitoring-related meetup coming up? Shoot me an email and I’ll include it here!

See you next week!

– Mike (@mike_julian) Monitoring Weekly Editor