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How do you improve monitoring, specifically? Where do you even start? Worse: how do you know you’re done? If this resonates, I’ve got something in the works you’re going to love: a foolproof framework for how to monitor any app, service, or infrastructure. Read more about it and pre-order the course here.

Articles & News

James Turnbull’s Monitoring With Prometheus is out!

And James was awesome enough to give a promo code for all Monitoring Weekly readers! Use MONWEEK at checkout for 25% off. Thanks James!

Comprehensive Container-Based Service Monitoring with Kubernetes and Istio

Ostensibly, this article is about Kubernetes and Istio, but there’s so much more here that applies to everyone: lots about SLAs/SLIs/SLOs, USE and RED Methods, and a whole lot more where that came. Even if you’re not using k8s, you’ll get something useful out of this.

Monitorama Recaps Several more Monitorama PDX 2018 recaps are out. Read up on ‘em here:

Hit the Ground Running with Distributed Tracing Core Concepts

This is an incredible, monster article on distributed tracing at a conceptual level (rather than implementation, which most articles are). To quote the article, That is what this post is about: an attempt to boil down and demystify distributed tracing so its core concepts can be quickly absorbed by anybody, regardless of skill, experience, or interest level in [distributed tracing].

I think it’s telling it still took 4300 words (that’s about 15 book pages!) to boil down the concepts to one article.

Incremental-decremental Methods for Time Series Analysis

I hope you like math, cause I brought you a whole lot of it. This article dives into some of the statistical mathematics behind time series analysis. I’ll be honest: I don’t understand about 90% of the math, but I know there’s many of you who love this sort of stuff. :D

A story of being on call

On-call sucks, yes, but it can be improved and even made to be awesome (hard to believe, I know!) In this talk, Charity Major talks about improving on-call based on her many years of experience being on-call personally and now managing teams. Definitely worth a watch.

SREcon Asia/Australia Recap - Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

This recap of SREcon Asia/Australia has some really great stuff on monitoring and observability in it.

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– Mike (@mike_julian) Monitoring Weekly Editor