Announcing my new video course: Monitor Anything

How do you improve monitoring, specifically? Where do you even start? Worse: how do you know you’re done? If this resonates, I’ve got something in the works you’re going to love: a foolproof framework for how to monitor any app, service, or infrastructure. Read more about it and pre-order the course here.

Articles & News

Production Monitoring at Scale

The folks at Leanplum talk about their GCE-based infrastructure and what’s led to them doing a full-scale migration from monitoring with Google Stackdriver to Prometheus.

Real-time Sailing Yacht Performance - Part 1, Part 1.1, Part 2

I love it when people use infrastructure tools for non-infrastructure uses. This series is still ongoing, but so far it’s covered adding a bunch of hardware to a yacht and sending it to Kafka+InfluxDB+Grafana for the purpose of improving race times. Really cool stuff.

Keeping API Errors Clean

The folks at Caviar have released a gem for your Rails apps that makes logging structured errors incredibly easy. This post goes into some background on the problem they were facing and how they solved it, culminating in the open-sourcing of the clean_errors gem.

Internet Intelligence Blog

Yes, it’s something built by Oracle. Oddly enough, it’s free and doesn’t actually stink. This is a system that combines traceroute, BGP, and DNS query data to determine the impact of internet outages across the world. Super neat stuff.

**[O11ycast Ep. #1, Monitoring vs. Observability](**

The age-old debate (well, year-old debate) as covered by Charity Majors (CEO, Honeycomb) and Rachel Chalmers (Investor, Merian Ventures). This is a great listen and there’s also a well-done transcript for those who prefer to read.


Observability Show & Tell: show us your failure! – The Observability Conference - August 2nd, 2018 - San Francisco, CA USA

The CFP (err, CFF) is now open for the upcoming o11ycon in San Francisco. It seems to be limited only to senior engineers from fast-growing tech companies, so if that’s you, here’s your chance to give a talk at a brand new event.

Sensu Summit 2018 - August 22-23, 2018 - Portland, OR USA

Speaking of awesome events, the Sensu Summit is coming up. There’s still tickets, so be sure to grab one. I’ll see you there!

See you next week!

– Mike (@mike_julian) Monitoring Weekly Editor