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Articles & News

Your Guide to Getting Started With the Rails Logger

I linked to a whole bunch of these Getting Started With X Logging posts last week, seemingly just in time for the next one to come out. This time, they’re hitting everyone’s favorite framework to hate on: Rails.

Netflix SIRT releases Diffy: A Differencing Engine for Digital Forensics in the Cloud

For those of you working in the security monitoring world, here’s a new toy for you–complete with cute cats for the logo.

Spencer Kelly on Twitter: “Hello from inside the @F1 Media Technology Centre. This is where the live pictures of the race are sent, via Biggin Hill, to the world.”

This isn’t really monitoring, exactly, but I love peeking inside the production trailer. If you look closely, there actually are a whole bunch of systems monitoring tools on the screens. I think I’d have trouble paying more attention to the race than the screens though.

Why We’re Building Flux, a New Data Scripting and Query Language

It’s true: SQL is a bit long in the tooth, but it’s not like it hasn’t continually evolved over the last the last… jfc it’s been 44 years! As for SQL and time series, I totally agree that it’s high time we had a standard query language meant for time series data. I tried to count how many different ones we have now, but got depressed after the first six.

A Primer on Building a Monitoring Strategy for Amazon RDS

Want more about monitoring RDS than you could possibly ask for? Here you go: a monster post about RDS covering metrics, logging, and even Cloudtrail.

Evolution of Infrastructure Monitoring at ThousandEyes Engineering

This is a surprisingly-complete rundown of ThousandEyes’ monitoring platform, how they got there, and how all the pieces fit together. Spoiler: Prometheus, Grafana, InfluxDB, and a few other smaller bits.

How to configure Sensu Remediation?

I still contend that Sensu’s remediation functionality is a game-changer for monitoring platforms. Just imagine: every time your systems misbehave, you can just have Sensu trigger the HALON. That’ll teach ‘em to act out.

stripe/veneur: A distributed, fault-tolerant pipeline for observability data

This is overkill for 95% of you, but Stripe’s Veneur is pretty cool and is in active use by several non-Stripe companies, such as Intercom,, Sentry, and some others. As always, HN has some thoughts.

10 monitoring talks that every developer should watch

Most of the time, these Top N lists are garbage, but this one… Well, this one is gold. It starts off with Coda Hale’s seminal Metrics, Metrics Everywhere talk from 2011 and only gets better from there.

Dead man’s switch with CloudWatch

I’m not saying that using Cloudwatch is bad, but Cloudwatch isn’t exactly the most user-friendly metrics/monitoring system out there. There are tons of great systems (eg, paid SaaS or free self-hosted) that do this specific functionality much better, but in the case where you need something simpler and don’t mind the eye-gouging pain of trying to understand Cloudwatch, well, here you go.


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