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Articles & News

Google - Site Reliability Workbook

Everyone’s favorite book, the Google Site Reliability Engineering book, now has a companion book: The Site Reliability Workbook. This new book aims to be the practical application of the original book, which was a whole lot of theory. Looking at the table of contents, there’s a lot of great stuff about monitoring, incident management, and more. The PDF is free for download until August 23rd, 2018, or you can preorder the physical copy at Amazon.

Prometheus: Up and Running is out

Speaking of awesome books, I’ve been looking forward to this for a while: Brian Brazil of Prometheus fame has announced that his O’Reilly book on Prometheus is out and shipping soon. What’s really impressive (to me, anyways) is how quickly it came to fruition. It took me 19 months, start-to-finish, for Practical Monitoring, and only six months for Brian. 🙌

Guide - Achieving Observability

The folks at Honeycomb have written up a neat little guide about observability in practical terms. It’s behind an opt-in wall, but I recommend grabbing it anyways–it’s a great read.

What is Cardinality in Monitoring?

With all this talk about “high cardinality” around monitoring lately, this article finally explains what it really means in concrete examples.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) Definition For The OpenAPI Specification

Well this is neat: some folks are trying to come up with a specification for describing, defining, measuring, and reporting on SLAs for public APIs. You can read the spec at the ISA Group’s Github repo (isa-group/SLA4OAI-Specification).

A Deep Dive into Kubernetes Metrics — Part 5: etcd metrics

Continuing this series on Kubernetes metrics, the author now hits on etcd. If you’re joining for the first time or want a refresher, here’s the start of the series.

Traffic insights in real time using Sankey charts in Kibana

I don’t know why it’s never occurred me to use a Sankey diagram in performance monitoring/analysis, but it’s a genius idea. This article does a bit of traffic analysis and visualization using them in ELK; it’s light on more details, but it should be plenty to get you thinking about applicability in your own environment.

Glances - An Eye on your system

This projects aims to be a cross-platform interactive metrics system (think: top, systat, etc) and it’s pretty nifty. It runs on Linux, BSD, OSX, and Windows, has a built-in API and web UI, and can push metrics to CSV, Influx, statsd, and a whole bunch of others. Super neat project.


Open Source Monitoring Conference - November 5-8 - Nuremberg, Germany

Going to be in Europe this fall? Come hang out with me in Nuremberg this November and hear me prattle on about all the terrible cars I’ve driven over the years, and what they taught me about monitoring.

DevOpsDays Kansas City - October 17-18 - Kansas City, MO USA

Speaking of which, I’ll also be in Kansas City for DevOpsDays. I’m speaking about monitoring, yes, but I’ll mostly be stuffing my face with barbecue and starting fights about how Tennessee barbecue is clearly better (Go Vols!).

Sensu Summit 2018 - August 22-23, 2018 - Portland, OR USA

Sensu has graciously offered a discount code for all Monitoring Weekly readers! Use MonitoringWeekly at checkout for $50 off the early bird ticket.

Monitorama AMS 2018 - September 4-5, 2018 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Are in Europe? Everyone’s favorite monitoring conference, Monitorama, is coming to a canal near you! Monitorama kindly sent over a discount code for Monitoring Weekly readers: use MLOVEWEEKLY at checkout for €100 off.

See you next week!

– Mike (@mike_julian) Monitoring Weekly Editor