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Scalyr logo It is actually surprisingly difficult to create product testing criteria from scratch. Anyone who has evaluated products in the past can tell stories about new criteria popping up last minute, simply because no one thought about it before they found a problem in one product.

That’s a dumb way to evaluate products. Do better with Scalyr’s guide to evaluating a log management platform.

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Observerless: The hottest new thing in monitoring you’re already doing

The (in)famous Corey Quinn of Last Week in AWS recently graced the website of Monitoring Weekly and wrote this gem on a new/old concept: Observerless.

Articles From The Community

2018 State of DevOps Report

This isn’t strictly monitoring-related, but given everyone’s job on this newsletter, I know you’ll be interested in it. For those not familiar with it, the annual State of DevOps Report is a tremendous work headed up by Dr. Nicole Forsgren every year using legit, rigorous research and statistical analysis methods. The results of this one are pretty neat to read.

Getting Physical With PRTG - Part One

For you PRTG folks wondering what to do with all those Arduinos laying around, well, you’re in luck.

Latency SLOs Done Right

I’m still digesting this article because it’s just that good, but the gist: calculating a latency SLO is harder than it first seems, and you’re probably doing it wrong (I know I am).

How to collect, customize, and manage Rails application logs

I always get a kick out of the Rails library for improving logging: lograge. That about sums up my feelings with respect to Rails logging.

node_exporter/ at master · prometheus/node_exporter

This is great: a Prometheus exporter for smartmon.

Incident detection and continuous monitoring in AWS

Well, seems I lost the game of “is that actually an AWS service or is Corey screwing with me again?” This article covers AWS GuardDuty, an incident detection service that leverages VPC flow logs, CloudTrail, and DNS.

Distributed Tracing Infrastructure with Jaeger on Kubernetes

Do you perhaps need a shot of Jaeger(meister) to help soothe the pain otherwise known as “understanding my microservice architecture”? This article on tracing might help solve the monitoring problem, but sorry, you’re on your own with the rest of it.


DevOpsDays KC on Twitter: “Excited to see @mike_julian share what an old jalopy taught him about monitoring: - use code SEEMIKEJULIAN to get a 25$ discount that you can spend on oil filters or timing belts.”

Yes, I’ll definitely be touching on the horror of timing belts in interference engines with deferred maintenance. Also, monitoring.

Observability Practitioners Summit 2018 - December 10th, 2018 - KubeCon Seattle, WA USA

Going to KubeCon in Seattle? You should totally go to this event that runs in conjunction.

See you next week!

– Mike (@mike_julian) Monitoring Weekly Editor