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Observerless: The hottest new thing in monitoring you’re already doing

The (in)famous Corey Quinn of Last Week in AWS recently graced the website of Monitoring Weekly and wrote this gem on a new/old concept: Observerless.

From The Community

An API Value Generation Funnel With Metrics

This is such a fantastic model for the value of an API. For the SRE-type folk among you, scroll to the end and have a look at the suggested metrics suggested for each layer of the model–it’s a great example of tying technical metrics to business KPIs.

Real User Monitoring (RUM) vs. Synthetic Monitoring Comparison

If you’ve ever been confused about RUM vs synthetic when it comes to monitoring frontend performance, this article sets you straight with a great explanation, plus pros/cons of each and their recommended use cases.

Key metrics for AWS monitoring

Basically exactly what the title says: metrics you should absolutely be tracking if you’re running in AWS.

Forecasting at Uber: An Introduction

Forecasting has a lot of applicability in the world of monitoring, so this article from Uber on how they use forecasting to predict demand, manage hardware capacity, and more is fascinating.

Building telemetry for tea aka Tealemetry

In other words, don’t screw with the British and their tea. After all, there’s even an ISO standard for brewing a proper cup of tea.

Tea is serious business.

Monitoring Supervisord Processes in Slack with Go - M. Tarık Yurt

I had no idea supervisord had an event listener system. The author took advantage of it to listen for specific kinds of events and pipe them to Slack using a bit of Go.

Atlassian Incident Management Handbook

With Atlassian’s announcement of their new product, JiraOps and their acquisition of PagerDuty competitor, OpsGenie, there’s some neat stuff happening. This document is their version of an incident management handbook.

Monitorama EU Sketchnotes, Amsterdam 2018

The Monitorama EU recaps are starting to roll in and I’m really bummed to have missed this. This recap has some amazing sketchnotes.

Sensu Summit 2018 Recordings

The video recordings from Sensu Summit 2018 are now online. 🙌


Introducing ebpf_exporter

I honestly wish I had more occasions to seriously use eBPF just so I could try this exporter–it looks great. But, alas, I’m merely a humble writer and writer relegated to the conference room and/or basement, depending on the day (your guess as to which is which!) - Build packet capture syntax online

tcpdump is one of those programs that I can just never remember the esoteric flags to, so I’m really stoked to see this. Reminds me of Patrick Cable’s, which is similar (for openssl flags) and just as awesome. You definitely wanna bookmark this.

Creating a status page for your company using cState

There’s several status page apps out there, such as at the higher-end and Staytus on the self-hosted end, but there’s a gaping hole in the middle: an inexpensive, easy-to-use status page that is hosted on someone else’s platform, but gives you a ton of control. Now there’s cState, a status page that can be hosted by Netlify (a static site hosting provider) with all the flexibility of your favorite static site generator.

NetData: Get control of your Linux Servers. Simple. Effective. Awesome.

Sort of an all-in-one solution aimed at monitoring IoT devices, it could also be really handy for situations where it doesn’t make sense to spin up a whole infrastructure to monitor a thing (eg your home).

See you next week!

– Mike (@mike_julian) Monitoring Weekly Editor