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InfluxData logoMaking Flux Queries in Rails

Now that Flux has been released, let’s talk about using it, and where better to start than with everyone’s favorite framework: Rails!

From The Community

Amazon Timestream

AWS announced their own managed time series database service at re:invent last week. I’m curious how things are going to shake out with CloudWatch also being a service they provide. If all you want is a place to store your time series data and you’re using other services for dashboards, alerting, and whatnot, then Timestream is probably the right answer. Amusingly, most people I know are using CloudWatch for exactly that: just a place for metrics to go where some other tools suck in the data.

Stackdriver tips and tricks: Understanding metrics and building charts

And for those of you in GCP, here’s a rundown of how Stackdriver works.

Stack Overflow: How We Do Monitoring

I absolutely love it when Nick Craver writes up these posts about Stack Exchange. They’re always incredibly detailed and interesting.

Logging is coming to Grafana by David Kaltschmidt

Now this is exciting.

Logs from the Edge

This is neat: using some code running on CloudFlare Workers, you can directly send log events to pretty much anywhere (eg ELK) in real-time.

How Pinterest runs Kafka at scale

One of the most common ways to scale and manage time series ingestion is to put Kafka in front. That’s pretty much the pattern for most SaaS monitoring solutions and every large-scale in-house monitoring system I’ve seen. So, with that, here’s an article about Pinterest’s Kafka setup.

ActiveMQ monitoring: Part 1 and Part 2

Fantastic Metrics and Where to Find Them: ActiveMQ Edition.

Building, testing and iterating our monitoring and alerting service

I’m a huge fan of the folks at the United Kingdom’s Government Digital Services group and the work they’re doing to modernize government services–something that directly impacts the lives of citizens, residents, and visitors. This article talks about their monitoring and alerting.

PromCon 2018 videos now available

Realllllly good talks in here. Sad I missed this event now.

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Scalyr logoWhy Distributed Tracing Will Be So Important in 2019

Distributed tracing helps you troubleshoot problems you don’t even know you have, and it’s only going to become more important as your software gets more complex.


Observability Practitioners Summit 2018 - December 10, 2018 - Seattle, WA USA

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