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Monitoring & Observability 2019 Predictions

Wherein I make my own predictions about what we might see in 2019 in the world of monitoring and observability.

From The Community

How LinkedIn Uses Data to Improve Video Performance

Now the web is basically nothing but non-stop videos, measuring the performance of them is probably useful. See how LinkedIn collects performance data for videos on their platform, and what they do about it.

Kong Cloud Case Study: Collecting Metrics at 1M Requests per Second

A followup to their previous article back in October, this one goes into detail on the current state of their production metrics and logging pipelines. Spoiler: OpenResty + Prometheus

Flux Windowing and Aggregation

I hope you folks like Flux. I certainly do. The wonderful Katy Farmer walks us all through windowing and aggregation queries with Flux, using everyone’s favorite/”favorite” topic: bitcoin.

Canary analysis: Lessons learned and best practices from Google and Waze

What I like about this article isn’t really the canary analysis practices themselves, but their reliance on monitoring data to even work to begin with, which is something I feel can be overlooked pretty often.

johnnynotsolucky/craft-outpost: Observability plugin to track and gain insights on requests to your Craft CMS site

I’m sure many of you are (unhappily) responsible for the marketing site’s infrastructure at your company. If you’re running Craft CMS, here’s a neat plugin to add some really useful metrics to it.

DevOps Discussions: Postmortem Chat - Part 1 - YouTube

A serious gathering of people here to talk about postmortems: Jessica DeVita, Duck Lawn, Tom Griffin, Sue Allspaw Pomeroy, John Allspaw, and Dr. Richard Cook. My brain is melting from the wealth of knowledge here.

Three analytical traps in accident investigation - YouTube

This video is suuuuper helpful and I really wish the guy did more of them. Picking a specific airline incident and FAA report, he walks us through three analysis traps that are easy to fall into. Even as someone experienced with incident analysis, I was still surprised by how I would have fallen into the same ones easily.

Your System Called: a Threat Stack podcast, with guest Mike Julian

I recently joined the host of Threat Stack’s podcast to talk systems and security monitoring.

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