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InfluxData logoAre you ready for InfluxDB 2.0?

It’s gonna be pretty great: the new Flux query language, TICK Stack becoming one cohesive tool, integrated Prometheus exposition format, and a whole lot more to come. The alpha releases are out and Influx would love your feedback.

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Come hang out with all your fellow Monitoring Weekly readers. I mean, I’m also there, but I’m sure everyone else is way cooler.

From The Community

net-snmp / Patches / #1288 Add a scalar count of CPUs seen by agent

As someone who has a soft spot for networking monitoring, this makes me more excited than I probably should be. It’s about freaking time.

Observability?! – Where do we go from here?

This article hits on a wide range of emerging trends and challenges in observability.

WAL usage looks broken in modern Time Series Databases?

For the minority of you out there building time series databases, this may be of interest to you. As an aside, would you folks like to see me organize a virtual roundtable/panel of the open source TSDB maintainers? Seems like it could be interesting–hit reply and let me know.

Operable Software

I love a good monster post and this one certainly hits home. I especially love the focus on mental models.

TSL: a developer-friendly Time Series query language for all our metrics

From the article: _ TSL is an abstracted way of generating queries for different TSDB backends, in the form of an HTTP proxy._ Neat.

Outsource Your O11y:

Fantastic advice that is easily applied to non-observability tools too. If you’ve ever struggled to bring in a third-party application into your company out of concerns for security and privacy, this series is for you.

From logs to metrics

Reading the syslog RFCs and formats is a great way to wake up in the morning, amirite?! This post from an engineer at Influx talks about how they implemented a strict syslog parser in Golang.

Cluster-level Logging in Kubernetes with Fluentd

Who doesn’t love a good bit of Kube and fluentd? This article gives us a nice step-by-step on the setup of it, and pushing the data into ELK.

Results: The On-call Compensation Survey, 2019

The results from a recent on-call compensation survey are in.

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