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VictorOps logoReducing MTTA Blog Series: Part One

A 5-part blog series highlighting how DevOps and IT teams are specifically reducing MTTA and MTTR over time through improved alerting, notifications, incident response, escalation, and post-incident reviews based on your monitoring data.

Latest Articles on monitoring.love

The Vendor Is Not the Enemy with Cory Watson

I spoke with Cory Watson on Real World DevOps recently. Cory is previously the lead on Observability at both Twitter and Stripe, and now a Technical Director at SignalFx, and we had a fantastic chat about the transition from being a customer to being a vendor, as well as a whole bunch of monitoring stuff.

From The Community

PromQL tutorial for beginners

If you’re new to Prometheus’s query language, PromQL, this is a super handy guide.

How to collect, customize, and analyze C# logs

The folks at Datadog seem to be on a logging kick lately. Got C# apps laying around? This article does a great job at introducing you to effective C# logging practices.

Pro Tips: How Booking.com Handles Millions of Metrics Per Second with Graphite

From the article: “Over the years, Booking.com’s Graphite grew to consist of hundreds of servers.” … “It ingests more than 10 million unique points per second” Holy crap.

tsurai/kern: Simple modular C++ logging library inspired by the Rust crate fern

It’s exactly as it sounds.

Six Simple Steps to Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

“Marie Cosgrove-Davies covers a user-focused approach to SLOs and some common pitfalls that teams encounter when they’re first trying to adopt SLO methods.”

Building and Scaling Data Lineage at Netflix to Improve Data Infrastructure

When you’re running at Netflix scale, questions like, “Where does data come from? Where does it go? What changes are made to it?” is…tricky. This isn’t so much monitoring-related as it is data engineering–which is a much larger topic that many of you working on monitoring systems are probably thinking about too.

Open Distro for Elasticsearch Review

The folks at SemaText have written up a full review of the recent AWS Open Distro for Elasticsearch.

Chaos Engineering with the GraphQL API

I think my favorite part of this is where they named their tool Chaos Panda. :D

Monitoring StatsD: metric types, format & code examples

Long live statsd. There, I said it. As much as I see statsd haters, it’s still improving monitoring for a lot of people. statsd is a fantastic starting point for improving monitoring, even today.

New stuff from Elastic! Elastic Logs, Elastic Infrastructure, Elastic Uptime Monitoring

Seems the folks at Elastic have been busy, as there’s several new products that just dropped and they all look super useful: Elastic Logs, which provides a “a console-like experience” for logs, Elastic Infrastructure, which provides “a turnkey solution for monitoring infrastructure metrics”, and Elastic Uptime Monitoring, which handles basic availability testing a la Pingdom. All of them are available for free inside the Elastic Stack.

Top 5 open-source HIDS systems

Because the security folks among you don’t get enough love in the monitoring world, here you go.

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Scalyr logoThe folks at Scalyr recently recorded a video about monitoring containers at scale. The tie between logs, containers, and orchestration is only growing in importance, and [Scalyr is here to help.(https://vimeo.com/scalyrlogmanagement/devscaas) My thanks to Scalyr for their support in making Monitoring Weekly possible.


Sensu Summit CFP is open - September 9-10, 2019 - Portland, OR USA

It’s that time of year again: Sensu Summit’s CFP is open. Perfect excuse to go to Portland in September. ;)

LogicMonitor Level Up Conference - June 24-26, 2019 - Austin, TX USA

For the LogicMonitor fans among you, the LogicMonitor Lever Up conference is this June. I’ll be speaking, so come hang out/heckle!

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