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Observability & Monitoring Community Slack

Come hang out with all your fellow Monitoring Weekly readers. I mean, I’m also there, but I’m sure everyone else is way cooler.

From The Community

Accelerate: State of DevOps 2019 Survey

This survey is the real deal, and it needs your input. Designed and conducted by Nicole Forsgren, an actual researcher and not a marketer with an agenda to push, the results are legit. Your input is incredibly valuable to the survey, as it helps everyone in the world of Ops improve what we’re doing. You can see 2018’s results here, in case you’re curious what comes out of this.

I also had a wonderful time interviewing Nicole on my podcast about the report.

Monitoring TLS Certificates with Telegraf

Someone remarked recently that monitoring SSL certificate expiration is probably the quintessential job of Nagios… and you know what? I didn’t even argue. So, happy to see doing this with Telegraf was so easy.

Developing Meaningful Automated Metrics

Continuing my obsession with measuring customer impact, this article introduced me to the HEART metric framework from Google, a framework designed for measuring UX changes.

Tracking queue metrics with Sidekiq

Please for the love of god, measure your job workers. If you’re using Sidekiq, it’s incredibly simple. If you aren’t using Sidekiq, the general approach works well.

How to collect, customize, and analyze PHP logs

Got some PHP laying around and trying to improve logging? Here’s a good guide.

Kiali - Service mesh observability

“Kiali project provides answers to the questions: What microservices are part of my Istio service mesh and how are they connected?”

SREcon19 Americas Conference Program

All of the videos were just posted and there’s some amazing ones on monitoring-related topics.

lorin/resilience-engineering: Resilience Engineering Notes

Holy research batman, there’s a lot of great stuff here. Resilience engineering has a lot of tie-ins with observability and monitoring, so, you know, read up.

Clint Sharp on Twitter: “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will not solve your monitoring and observability challenges (a thread)

Clint and I kinda started a big rant session in the community Slack this week about how AIOps isn’t really a thing, and it’s more some buzzwords companies are using to close a round of funding with their VCs. This is a great thread that explains my own thinking more succinctly than my hours-long Slack rant did. Speaking of which, why not join the Slack and get the rants in real-time?

Grafana Tutorial: How to Create Kiosks to Display Dashboards on a TV

Because everyone loves dashboards on big ass TVs.

TCP/IP over Amazon Cloudwatch Logs

Included for the “my god what have you done” factor.

On-Call Nightmares Podcast

It’s basically exactly as it sounds, and there’s some really great episodes already.

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InfluxDays London 2019 - June 13-14, 2019 - London, UK

The agenda and speakers were just announced, too.

See you next week!

– Mike (@mike_julian) Monitoring Weekly Editor