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Observability & Monitoring Community Slack

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Your nines are not my nines

YES YES YES ” The problem is that they weren’t monitoring from the customer’s perspective. Had they done that, it would have been clear that oodles of requests from some subset of customers were failing. They would have also realized that certain customers had all of their requests failing. For those customers, there were no nines to be had that day.”

My CloudWatch Critique Didn’t Age Well - Last Week in AWS

If you haven’t read my business partner’s blistering critique of CloudWatch, it’s a sight to see. It’s also embarrassingly outdated now (after only eight months!), so there’s that.

5 Ideas to Expand Your ETL Process Monitoring

You would be shocked how many businesses run on fragile, janky, ETL processes. Maybe this will help.

Understand Lambda Logging and Unlock CloudWatch Logs

“In this post, I’ll explain how Groups, Streams, and Events fit together, describe some relevant parts of the CloudWatch API and how Lambda interacts with it, then explain how to make use of your logs after they’re sent to CloudWatch.”

What to do when you have 1000 [Graylog] fields?

Are you using Graylog? This seems useful.

BPF Performance Tools: Linux System and Application Observability

Brendan Gregg is writing a book on BPF. You know you want it.

Selecting the Right User Metric

I love this article for its focus on business-level user patterns and performance. When people say “monitor at the user first,” this is what they really mean.

What Is User Activity Monitoring?

“User Activity Monitoring (UAM) tracks the behavior of internal end-users–employees, subcontractors, partners, and so on–on a company’s networks, devices, and other IT resources.”

Secure Logging for Kubernetes

“I wanted to walk the community through deploying the Open Distro for Elasticsearch (ODfE) in Kubernetes as the core logging provider. I am calling it the ODfEFK, the Open Distro for Elasticsearch, Fluent and Kibana, which are all the required components for secure logging within k8s. I’m not great with acronyms, but it’s an absurd mouthful that makes me laugh, so why not?” I’m not sure how I feel about these acronyms, but hey, it’s a solid article.

Monitoring Linux Logs with Kibana and Rsyslog

A pretty in-depth walkthrough of setting up ELK and hooking rsyslog into it, plus some dashboarding with Kibana.

brotandgames/ciao - HTTP checks & tests (private & public) monitoring - check the status of your URL

Self-hosted, too!

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Sensu Summit 2019 - September 9-10, 2019 - Portland, OR USA

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