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From The Community

My Prometheus is Overwhelmed! Help!

An extensive collection of failure scenarios and debugging tips for Prometheus.

Visualising a distributed network

I love Grafana’s Worldmap Plugin, but setting it up is not exactly… intuitive. This article does a great job walking through and making sense of all the options.

Unit Tests Grant Observability!

I’ve always appreciated the relationship between software testing, CI/CD, and observability. This article takes a closer look at how unit tests correlate with improved observability.

Why is it so hard to decide to buy?

Continuing last week’s discussion on build-vs-buy, Camille offers an even stronger argument for why you should focus on your core business opportunities.

Performance monitoring for AWS Lambda

Great overview of serverless monitoring considerations for AWS Lambda.

Intro to unified alerting in Grafana

Walkthrough of the unified alerting system in Grafana 8. If you’re planning to upgrade soon, make sure you watch this first.

Troubleshooting Elasticsearch ILM: Common issues and fixes

If you use Elasticsearch’s ILM (index lifecycle management) feature, this is a must-read. Chock full of useful debugging tips.

How to use Grafana and Prometheus to Rickroll your friends

Honestly, I’m kind of tired of the whole “look what we memed with Grafana” business, but it’s genuinely impressive how much energy some folks will sink into trolling others.

How to pick the best observability solution for your organisation

I get the impression this author really wants you to pick an all-in-one monitoring stack. Regardless, they offer some valid points to consider.

Temperature Monitoring using Python

The blog name is, as the kids say, “super cringe”. But I can’t resist a fun maker articlex where sensors are involved.

When are critical alerts needed?

Not necessarily an exhaustive discussions on healthy alerting, but some useful takeaways.

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Grafana Worldmap Panel

The Worldmap Panel is a tile map of the world that can be overlaid with circles representing data points from a query. It can be used with time series metrics, with geohash data from Elasticsearch or data in the Table format.


Monitorama PDX postponed… again

For those that don’t know, I also run the Monitorama conference series. We’ve been looking forward to bringing the event back in 2021, but the Delta variant has forced us to postpone to next year. Hopefully things get back to normal soon and I’ll see you all in Portland next summer.

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