Really glad to be back from vacation. Seems it was a busy week for CNCF-related topics โ€“ plenty of observability and OpenTelemetry-related posts to chew on. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ”Ž๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿ˜Ž

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From The Community

The modern flows of connectivity โ€” API Gateways and Service Meshes

A broader look at microservice interactions along with some thoughts about their observability.

OpenTelemetry โ€” Observability as a standard

How to benefit from tracing your Flask applications with OpenTelemetry.

Understanding How To Monitor a Spark Cluster

Metrics and monitoring considerations for Spark clusters.

Dictionary to Open Observability Projects

Confused by all of the โ€œOpenโ€ projects related to observability? Youโ€™re not the only one. Useful breakdown of the ecosystem of oft-misunderstood CNCF projects.

Key Metrics for Monitoring Amazon EFS

An excellent review of Amazon EFS metrics to keep tabs on.

AWS multi-account data platform monitoring

Complicated AWS service transactional monitoring is complicated.

KUR8: Start Visualizing Your Clusterโ€™s Topology and Metrics

An interesting new tool from the OSLabs tech accelerator program, KUR8 leverages the strengths of Prometheus with an interface optimized for managing Kubernetes clusters.

Second Time Lucky with OpenTelemetry

Weโ€™ve all heard from folks wondering how to contribute or get involved with open source. Hereโ€™s a nice story of a contributor who tried-tried again to get accepted into the Linux Foundation Mentorship program for OpenTelemetry.

A taste of Prometheus

An appetizer-sized introduction to Prometheus, Node Exporter, and instrumenting your Python app.

Gain Security Visibility with System Monitoring

Iโ€™m seeing more collaboration (and overlap) between Observability and Security teams than ever before. This story touches on a big part of that โ€“ supporting security controls and processes with system logs.

Grafana 8.1 released: New Geomap and Annotations panels, updated plugin management, and more

Seems like Grafana 8.0 just came out a few days ago. Now Grafana 8.1 is already out, with some notable enhancements and some new panels.

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โ€œA visual overview of Kubernetes architecture and Prometheus metrics.โ€


LISA Community Message

After 35 years, USENIX is marking the end of the LISA conference. Sad to see this go, it was a big part of my early career as a Systems Administrator.

Job Opportunities

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โ€“ Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor