I don’t typically see many articles on OpenShift monitoring, so get two of them in a single week feels borderline excessive. More cool new features from Grafana, Redis and SQL monitoring, and a smattering of articles on AWS and GCP topics. Oh, and gobs of job postings. Enjoy!

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From The Community

Logging Architecture - Fluent Bit & Fluentd & ELK

Using Fluentd and Elasticsearch as the logging infrastructure for your Kubernetes apps.

AWS Cloudwatch Centralized Monitoring

AWS recently announced cross account alarms for CloudWatch users. This article offers a quick walkthrough for setting this up in your own environment.

2 Mini HOW-TO guides for Prometheus on Openshift- Federation & Custom Infrastructure Alerting

If you’re in the unenviable position of a) running OpenShift, b) with federated Prometheus, c) but without Thanos, this is the article for you. All kidding aside, this is a helpful write up for anyone tasked with monitoring a complex OpenShift environment.

Redis Server — Debugging Performance

A solid collection of tips for debugging Redis performance. Even teams that have been running Redis for a while will probably find something new here.

Microservices Observability with Jaeger

Instrumenting your microservices for Jaeger tracing, from the perspective of a Node.JS developer.

Streaming real-time sensor data to Grafana using MQTT and Grafana Live

That’s a mouthful of a title, but this is legitimately very cool. Real-time sensor visualization opens up entirely new categories of use cases for Grafana.

Save 10% disk space on your logging datasets with match_only_text

Did you know you can save 10% or more with GEICO Elasticsearch match_only_text?

Platform Performance Monitoring in OpenShift 4

An overview of all the dashboards and metrics included with OpenShift 4.

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Monitoring Serverless Java Applications

I wish all AWS articles were this comprehensive and easy to read. Even if you’re not running serverless Java apps, I’m guessing there are some useful bits in here for most of us.

How to use PromQL joins for more effective queries of Prometheus metrics at scale

Not gonna lie, this kind of breaks my brain but it also looks like a huge time-saver. Normalizing alerts is definitely a win.

Getting started with Google Cloud Monitoring APIs — Part 2

Really great write-up on how to pull the raw data from Google Cloud monitoring into your custom apps or reports.

How stuff works: Integrating Query Exporter and Prometheus

How to use Query Exporter to pull custom Prometheus metrics from your SQL databases.



The MQTT data source plugin allows you to visualize streaming MQTT data from within Grafana.


Export Prometheus metrics from SQL queries

Job Opportunities

Senior DevOps Engineer at Hive Collective (Remote)

DevOps Engineer at Loupe (Remote)

Site Reliability Engineer at Fairwinds (Remote)

Site Reliabililty Engineer at MLB.com (US, NYC)

Sr Site Reliability Engineer at Electric (US, NYC)

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– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor