Tons of great logging and SLO content this week. Oh, and a fresh stack of new job postings. Enjoy this issue and have a great day! 😎

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From The Community

Send your metrics to a Prometheus Remote Write endpoint without Prometheus – OpenTelemetry

If you haven’t heard about Prometheus remote write, this is a gentle introduction to the functionality. We used this at my last gig and it offers a lot of flexibility (compared to traditional Prometheus scraping) for increasingly diverse deployment scenarios.

Under Disk Pressure

A little heavy on the memes, but a fun Kubernetes debugging story nonetheless.

Data-driven negotiation with SLIs, SLOs and Error Budgets

An impressively thorough look at everything related to SLOs and error budgets. I would set aside a good half hour to read (and re-read) this two-part series.

Log Aggregation in Kubernetes, and Transporting Logs to Splunk for Analysis

If you can afford it, I have no doubt that Splunk-Connect is a hella useful integration for aggregating your Kubernetes container logs.

Making Your On-call and Incident Management Program Stick

It takes a lot of work to build, adopt, and maintain a healthy Incident Management program, but it’s worth the investment. This article is a nice introduction to many of the considerations and open questions you should start thinking about when developing your own IM strategy.

Logging with Loki

This might be the first article that successfully explained to me what Loki is all about. Excellent summary here, pass it along to your peers.

Raspberry Pi Monitoring using Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Grafana

I know it may seem hard to believe, but Prometheus isn’t the only metrics system out there today. This engineer believes they have a case for choosing Telegraf with InfluxDB (has he heard of remote write, I wonder…).

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Pinterest’s Analytics as a Platform on Druid (Part 1 of 3)

The first entry in a three-part series, Pinterest engineers walk through their transition to Apache Druid for analytics data. Although it’s not a monitoring or observability story in the strictest sense, I feel like the lines are beginning to blur between high cardinality metrics and analytics systems.

5 steps to improve your application availability

Monitoring Weekly readers are probably not the intended audience here, but it wouldn’t hurt to bookmark this one the next time you need to justify your paycheck to a pointy-haired boss.

Improving efficiency and reducing runtime using S3 read optimization

Tons of useful SLIs and considerations in here for optimizing your own S3 usage.

Grafana Tempo 1.1 released: New hedged requests reduce latency by 45%

Some nice performance improvements and bug fixes in this minor release. Make sure to read the release notes (duh), looks like there are some deprecated block formats.



Splunk Connect for Kubernetes provides a way to import and search your Kubernetes logging, object, and metrics data in your Splunk platform deployment.


IBM PREVAIL Conference: October 19–21, 2021x

PREVAIL is a unique follow-the-sun virtual event devoted to IT resilience, performance, security, quality testing and Site Reliability Engineering.

Job Opportunities

Hardware Infrastructure Engineer, Analytics at DigitalOcean (Remote)

Senior DevOps/SRE at Reify Health (Remote)

Senior SRE, Data Infrastructure at Reify Health (Remote)

Reliability Engineer - Observability at Two Sigma (NYC)

Software Engineer, Observability at The New York Times (Remote)

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– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor