This week’s issue is heavy on logging stories, software updates, and remote job postings. Oh, and one of the most unusual applications for Prometheus I’ve seen. Mee-oww. 🙀

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From The Community

Centralized Logging with ELK, Kafka and Kubernetes

How VakıfBank designed and manages their centralized logging infrastructure with minimal loss and delays.

“Prevention is Better than Cure” — Measuring the Health of Software Applications

Paypal’s ETL pipeline handles 30-55 billion events each day. With this much streaming data, any downtime has a cascading effect on downstream applications and analytics. Here are some of the critical metrics they monitor to ensure the overall health of the system.

How to Perform Incident Post-Mortems: Identify Root Cause with “Five Whys”

This might be the best article I’ve read on incident response and postmortems in a long while. Read this. Share it.

Do you remember, the twenty fires of September?

An honest and transparent look at all of Honeycomb’s incidents and lessons learned during a very busy September. Fantastic article.

Know your Azure environment better with Grafana

How one company leveled up their observability by chucking the default Azure Cloud dashboards and replacing them with Grafana.

Monitor Your Pet’s Health with Litter Exporter

Next time someone tells you they’ve “seen some 💩”, just send them this story. There truly is a Prometheus exporter for everything.

How to Improve the Observability of Nginx with Apache APISIX

If you’ve run NGINX in production, you’re probably familiar with the scarcity of useful metrics in the open source version. The Apache APISIX project (based on NGINX’s underlying network libraries) would like you to consider swapping out NGINX for their project (with improved observability).

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Integrate Kafka and OpenFuction to Realize Elastic Kubernetes Log Alerts

I’m grateful that most logging isn’t this complicated, but this is still an interesting solution for processing serverless logs and alerts using OpenFunction and Kafka.

Grafana Tempo 1.2 released: New features make monitoring traces 2x more efficient

A new version of Tempo is out, with performance improvements, recent traces search, and a new “scalable single binary” operational mode. Oh, and a handful of breaking changes.

Loki 2.4 is easier to run with a new simplified deployment model

Loki is also seeing a new release, with support for out-of-order logs (wait, seriously?) and its own new “scalable simple deployment” mode.



KubeScrape: An open-source dev tool that provides an intuitive way to view the health, structure, and live metrics of your Kubernetes cluster.


Privateer is a lightweight Kubernetes prototyping and monitoring tool developed in Electron.js.


Kr8s is a desktop application made for developers that need to monitor and visualize their Kubernetes clusters in a user friendly GUI.

Job Opportunities

DevOps Engineer, Data at Co–Star (Remote)

Sr Infrastructure Software Engineer at Stash (US Remote)

Infrastructure Engineer at Hatch (Remote)

Senior Software Engineer, Kubernetes at Form3 (EU Remote)

Senior Software Engineer, Observability at Cash App (Remote)

Site Reliability Engineer at SetSail (Remote)

Cloud Engineer, Foundation Engineering at Redox (Remote)

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See you next week!

– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor