So much great stuff this week, including a ton of content and videos from PrometheusDay and KubeCon EU 2022. Enjoy! 🌷😍🌈

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From The Community

Debugging k8s Issues: Intermittent Outbound TLS Issues with Linkerd

A reliable and trusted service is a wonderful resource to depend on… until it isn’t. An entertaining story that probably resonates with many of us.

What’s next in Kubernetes monitoring, Prometheus histograms, observability, and more: KubeCon EU 2022 in review

The folks at Grafana Labs have compiled a list of their talks presented at the recent KubeCon EU. In particular I really enjoyed the look at kubectl alpha events.

Have You Been Using Histogram Metrics Correctly?

An excellent look at Prometheus histograms and scenarios where you might be using them incorrectly. Please read this one if you care about your metrics.

Highlights on Prometheus Day 2022 EU (Valencia)

Sysdig highlights some of the moments from PrometheusDay at KubeCon EU 2022. You can find the full video playlist of talks from the event here.

Sometimes, building your own Prometheus Exporter for monitoring Cloudflare Workers is the best solution

A look at why one company decided to build their own bespoke exporter for Cloudflare Workers. Looking forward to their next post with more details and examples.

AWS CloudWatch: How to scale your Logging infrastructure

Some painful (and useful) lessons learned from one company’s attempt to scale their logging infrastructure in AWS. Even if you use a different cloud or logging services, this is a good read if you care about log aggregation and alerting.

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Is MTTR still relevant in a modern, cloud native world? Chronosphere’s Co-Founder and CEO, Martin Mao, shares an alternative to MTTR and how it can become your new P99 of remediation. Check out his talk on-demand from this year’s o11yfest virtual conference. (SPONSORED)

Kubernetes – An Introduction to Sidecars

Sidecars are a common pattern for observability, but they have other uses we don’t always think about. This article is a helpful reminder why they’ve become a crucial part of containerized deployments.

Azure HA Kubernetes Monitoring using Prometheus and Thanos

A handy guide for setting up your own Thanos and Prometheus cluster for monitoring HA Kubernetes in Azure.

Why Enterprises must embrace observability

Although this article seems to be focused on the Enterprise, it’s a solid argument for why any software company should care about Observability.

Introducing native support for OpenTelemetry in Jaeger

Great to see Jaeger introduce native support for receiving trace data via the OpenTelemetry Protocol. This should simplify trace collection for many users.

Telegraf Best Practices: SNMP Plugin

A thorough look at basic usage, best practices, and tips & tricks for Telegraf’s SNMP plugin.



Cilium’s new Tetragon component enables powerful realtime, eBPF-based Security Observability and Runtime Enforcement.


Monitorama PDX 2022 - June 27-29 (Portland, OR)

Monitorama has released their full speaker lineup and agenda for this month’s event in Portland, OR. It looks like a return to form for one of our favorite events (ok, we might be biased). Hope to see you there!

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