Really excited to be back in Portland for the return of Monitorama. If you happen to be there too, please say hi and let me know you’re a Monitoring Weekly subscriber! In the meantime, please enjoy this week’s collection of articles. 😍🙌🍩

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From The Community

How is eBPF efficient for observability

A nice bit of background on what makes eBPF such an effective technology for observability uses.

Enriching Prometheus metrics with exemplars for easier observation of a distributed system

A handy guide for adding examplars to your Prometheus metrics (and why this matters).

Site Reliability Engineering: Setting up the right Monitoring System

I feel like this can be a useful overview of monitoring principles for some internal customer teams, but if you’re planning a ground-up monitoring infrastructure for yourself, this article feels like it’s missing a lot of “hard lessons learned”-type considerations.

10 years of major incidents

Speaking of hard lessons learned, I love this article on how to approach outages. So many of these examples resonate with me (painfully).

A set of modern Grafana dashboards for Kubernetes

What do you do when the most popular dashboards for Kubernetes are too old to support newer Grafana features and panels? You write your own, of course. Props to the author for explaining their motivation for each new visualization.

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Headed to Portland for Monitorama PDX 2022? We sure are! Chronosphere’s Chris Ward will be speaking about increasing cloud-native sustainability with observability on Tuesday, June 28. Come check out his session, grab some swag, and enter for a chance to win a PS5! See what other activities we’re up to in Portland here. (SPONSORED)

Getting Started with OpenTelemetry for Observability

An overview of the benefits and primary features of OpenTelemetry.

How to monitor and troubleshoot Fluentd with Prometheus

If you run Fluentd but don’t have much experience with its failure modes, you owe it to yourself to read this helpful guide.

New in Grafana 9: Introducing the command palette

A quick look at the new command palette feature in Grafana 9. I haven’t used this myself yet, but I can see it becoming a pretty handy shortcut mechanism.

Alert on VM conditions with Azure Functions and Python

A very bespoke pattern for monitoring AKS nodes with Python and Azure Functions.


Monitorama PDX 2022 - June 27-29 (Portland, OR)

It’s been a long time coming, but the long-awaited return of everyone’s favorite monitoring and observability conference is upon us. Tune in for an amazing lineup of speakers and talks next week streamed live from Portland, OR.

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