I hope you all enjoyed our “best of Q2” newsletter last week. That was a fun way to cap off an amazing week at Monitorama. We’re back with some fantastic observability and monitoring articles and guides today, enjoy! 🌈🍩😍

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From The Community

Pharos: The Observability Platform at Workday

A detailed look at the motivation for and architecture of Workday’s observability platform, Pharos. It’s always interesting to see which companies are still building their own in-house monitoring services, and why.

Monitorama PDX 2022 - Live Stream Recordings

Great to see many of you in Portland for the return of Monitorama. While the individual videos are being processed, you can still watch recordings of the full live stream from the event.

Single Prometheus job for dozens of Blackbox exporters

An excellent pattern for simplifying large Blackbox exporter configurations for Prometheus.

Monitorama 2022 — What an amazing experience!

Really appreciate the lovely write-up from one of our conference speakers. Aside from the expected stress of managing an IRL event in a post-pandemic world, I also had a fantastic time.

Observability offers promising benefits. Don’t dismiss it as a buzzword.

A primer on observability and incident management topics, that somehow manages to be both technically relevant and an approachable introduction for business executives. Share this one with your CIO.

On Counting Alerts

A follow-up from Honeycomb on a previous article about tracking their internal on-call health, this time with even more data and analysis.

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See how companies like Abnormal Security cut observability costs and boosted platform reliability with Chronosphere’s end-to-end solution. Chronosphere is the only observability platform that puts you back in control by taming rampant data growth and cloud-native complexity, delivering increased business confidence. Read the story here. (SPONSORED)

Creating Datadog Alerts Based on Log Metrics

An excellent tutorial for working with Datadog pipelines and processors to alert on your logging metrics.

Prometheus vs. OpenTelemetry Metrics: A Complete Guide

If you’re considering switching from Prometheus metrics to OpenTelemetry, this guide covers most of the differences and considerations for converting between them.

Linux Server Monitoring Tools Overview

Heavily influenced by traditional monitoring principles, this article covers numerous tools and services for monitoring your Linux systems.

Linux server health/process check

This feels like such a throwback to years past. Although the author’s example script looks archaic compared to modern observability systems, it’s helpful to remember where we came from and how sometimes simple solutions are “good enough”.

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