If you love network and database monitoring, this is the issue for you. Oh, and a really unique article for Go developers on dynamic race detection. Enjoy! 🏁🦋🌈

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From The Community

How to Handle Kubernetes Health Checks

Kubernetes health checks can be super helpful, but they can also be a footgun. DoorDash engineers share a cautionary tale from production.

How to configure Prometheus server as a remote-write receiver

Seems like there’s been more interest lately in Prometheus’ remote write functionality (Push > Pull, don’t @ me), but I don’t see many articles. Props to Tanmay Bhat for a very clear walkthrough of the setup and configuration.

Decrypting SSL at Scale with eBPF, libbpf & K8s

I don’t think many of us need to decrypt SSL traffic on the fly, but this is an interesting application of eBPF nonetheless.

Dynamic Data Race Detection in Go Code

If you’re a Go developer, I think you’ll really enjoy this deep-dive on data race detection at Uber.

TCP packets traffic visualization for kubernetes by k8spacket and Grafana

I have a soft spot in my heart for network monitoring and visualization. Great to see a new project that aims to provide a visual representation of your Kubernetes traffic patterns.

Introducing the official ClickHouse plugin for Grafana

ICYMI, the ClickHouse project released this first-party plugin for Grafana a few months ago. Really happy to see this is available for the open source Grafana and not exclusive to their paid versions.

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Observability Best Practices when running FastAPI in a Lambda

An impressively thorough look at observability concerns when running FastAPI in Lambda. I genuinely didn’t know you could do all this with Lambda traces in AWS CloudWatch.

Monitoring MySQL using Prometheus, Grafana and mysqld_exporter in Kubernetes

A helpful guide for monitoring your Kubernetes-hosted MySQL databases with Prometheus and mysqld_exporter.

External Debugging Tools 3: JMXTerm

I’m no Java expert, but JMXTerm looks like a pretty handy diagnostic tool for Java applications using JMX.

Dashboards and alerts in GCP Cloud Operations

A quick example for setting up GCP dashboards and routing directly to your phone (probably not a great idea, but the utility is there).



The Clymene is a time-series data and logs collection platform for distributed systems inspired by Prometheus and Jaeger.


Jmxterm is an open source command line based interactive JMX client written in Java.


k8spacket helps to understand TCP packets traffic in your kubernetes cluster


BindPlane OP is an open source observability pipeline that gives you the ability to collect, refine, and ship metrics, logs, and traces to any destination.

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