A wonderful variety of stories this week, with tons of logging coverage, considerations for the cost-conscious Observability engineer, and a really great write-up (and video) from eBay on their transition to OpenTelemetry. Enjoy! ☕🍩😍

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From The Community

Why and How eBay Pivoted to OpenTelemetry

Props to eBay engineering for sharing the story of their transition from Elastic Beats to OpenTelemetry for telemetry collection. Note that the author gave a corresponding talk at Open Observability Day back in October.

Tips for analyzing logs

I was excited to learn that Julia Evans, everyone’s favorite tech author and illustrator, is working on a new zine about debugging. In the meantime, she accumulated a massive number of log analysis tips and ended up sharing them in one super compressed (pun intended) blog post for us all.

The ROI of monitoring data usage

Although this post was intended for data teams, it includes some valuable considerations for anyone dealing with the neverending growth of metrics, logs, and event storage.

The intersections among FinOps, Sustainable IT, and Observability

Speaking of ROI, this story takes a broader look at how we might want to think about cloud costs and their relationship with IT and Observability needs.

Observability with Prometheus and Grafana

We see a lot of guides for collecting metrics and monitoring them with Prometheus and Grafana, respectively, but this might be the most concise and comprehensive (is that possible?) article I’ve seen for anyone new to these tools and concepts. A++ would recommend to junior engineers and SRE managers.

Grafana as code: A complete guide to tools, tips, and tricks

A solid collection of approaches for managing your Grafana instance(s) in code. Super helpful comparison guide if you’re looking to level up your Grafana automation.

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Logging wide events with F#

I love seeing the variety of Advent Calendar articles this time of year. This post demonstrates how to instrument structured logs into your own F# services.

Testing Production-Ready Applications on the Local Kubernetes Environment

I’m always interested in the intersection between CI/CD and Observability, and this post demonstrates the value gained by having these systems working well together. Although you might not be using the same tools as the author here, there are still some valuable takeaways.

The Five Myths of Observability

Not to be confused with some number of pillars of Observability. All kidding aside, this sums up many (hint: there are more) of the misconceptions that we’ve worked through and put to rest over the last decade in tech.

HAProxy Logging Configuration: How to Enable & View Logs

A thorough review of HAProxy’s logging capabilities and configuration options.


Monitorama PDX 2023 - June 26-28 (Portland, OR)

Monitorama is returning to Portland, OR next summer. The 2022 conference was a fantastic event and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2023.

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