I’m super grateful to have you all here with me as we kick off 2023 with an awesome collection of articles to enjoy today. It feels serendipitous to start the new year with so many stories that should be impactful for most of us. Enjoy! ⭐🥂📈

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Monitoring 101 : A dashboard to rule them all

You’ve just deployed a new in-house service to production and the SRE team needs some visibility to understand how it’s performing. Where to start? This five-minute guide should get your first dashboard in their hands… now go write that runbook! 😅

eBPF and its capabilities

We hear a lot about eBPF, but most of the articles I’ve seen are either very high-level or deeply technical. This author does a great job providing background context and motivation before expanding scope and eventually diving into the weeds with code examples.

How to expose the right Prometheus metrics for your custom exporter implementation

Some insightful considerations for choosing the right metrics to expose for your own exporters. You can bet I’m bookmarking this story for the next (first?) time I need a custom exporter.

How to Increase Deployment Observability and Simplify Deployment Pipelines

Long-time readers here will know I care strongly about enabling better security with observability, and the same can be said for deployment pipelines. I really love this article and wish there were more like it.

Grafana dashboards in 2022: Memorable use cases of the year

Feels like we’ve all used Grafana at one time or another for a fun side project or personal data tracking. This post takes a look back at many of these novel use cases from the last year.

Developing a data driven tool to estimate the cost of incidents

I don’t see enough companies performing real analsys on the financial impact of incidents. HelloFresh engineers discuss their efforts to develop a tool for better estimation of outages, leading to better decision making in the future.

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Your on-call holiday survival kit is here.

In the spirit of the holidays, Chronosphere has packaged 4 presents to help Engineering teams march towards reducing stress and avoiding burnout. Put your best foot forward (in style) while moving towards on-call experiences that suck less. Get your kit! (SPONSORED)

2023 Observability Predictions: Open Source is the Key to Explosive Growth

A look forward to industry trends and one specific observability project’s impact on tech.

Five reasons to monitor a system and the four golden signals

If you’re relatively new to monitoring and observability topics (welcome!), you might not have context around why these practices are so important. This post provides a friendly introduction to the reasons why many of us love doing this type of work.

Understanding Observability So Your Company Doesn’t Have a Heart Attack

Continuing the previous theme, this author uses a personal analogy to illustrate the significance of observability for businesses. A good article to share with your favorite bean-counting executive.

This is not a regular major incident guide

I’m including this article because I found it so… interesting. I’m not an incident management expert, but some of his recommendations sounded so unusual that I felt obliged to include this. Penny for your thoughts.


Monitorama PDX 2023 - June 26-28 (Portland, OR)

Monitorama is returning to Portland, OR next summer. The 2022 conference was a fantastic event and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2023.

See you next week!

– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor