Plenty of technical articles this week – introducing a new tool for transforming flow logs, guides for instrumenting your applications, and more DevOps than you can shake a stick at. Enjoy! 👩‍💻⏰📈

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From The Community

Network Insights in a Distributed Environment

If you’re a NetFlow geek (or just really enjoy network monitoring tools), you’re going to love this article. I haven’t been this excited about a new tool in a very long time.

Monitoring a Rust Web Application Using Prometheus and Grafana

A basic example for instrumenting, scraping, and monitoring your Rust Actix web application with Prometheus and Grafana.

USE vs RED vs The Four Golden Signals

A comparison of the “competing” monitoring principles that the SRE wars were fought over. 😈

Prometheus Alertmanager best practices

Alertmanager is one of those “small, sharp tools” that’s fairly intuitive and is easy to work with. Fortunately, it also has the right set of features to allow customization as your use cases become more sophisticated. This post does a good job providing some of these examples.

Mastering AWS ECS Monitoring

There are any number of reasons for something to fail in ECS, and while this article doesn’t try to solve all of them, it does offer an eclectic collection of failure scenarios and ways to monitor for them effectively.

Adding Observability to Serverless Services

Some developer friendly libraries to help level up your AWS serverless observability.

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Best practices for devops observability

This author loves to name drop businesses, but they do at least make some salient points about the importance of observability in our software development lifecycle.

What do you mean “increase application observability”?

This post makes me want to go yell at a manager, and I am a manager. What have I become?

DevOps. FrontEnd. Monitoring.

I’m not a fan of slapping the DevOps label on something and assuming the audience will infer your meaning. Fortunately, if you can make the mental leap of swapping in “SRE” for “DevOps” there’s plenty to enjoy here.

P.S. I still have no idea why “FrontEnd” is in the title. 😕



Flow-Logs Pipeline (a.k.a. FLP) is an observability tool that consumes logs from various inputs, transform them and export logs to loki and / or time series metrics to prometheus.


NetObserv Operator is a Kubernetes / OpenShift operator for network observability.


Actix-web middleware to expose Prometheus metrics


Monitorama PDX 2023 - June 26-28 (Portland, OR)

We’re really looking forward to this event which marks the ten-year anniversary of Monitorama 2013 originally held in Boston, MA. Proposals are currently being reviewed and if they’re anything to go by, this should be an awesome lineup of talks. Hope to see you there!

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