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Cloud native architectures may increase speed and agility, but as the complexity grows so does the amount of observability data. Growth and unpredictable spikes can cause existing tools to buckle under the stress or become prohibitively expensive. In this webinar on demand learn how to get control back and alleviate growing pains.

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Observability & Monitoring Community Slack

It’s amazing to see the community continue to grow. We’d love to have you join us and share what you’ve been working on.

From The Community

Prometheus: Building a Custom Prometheus Exporter in Python

You know what they say, it’s not really production until it’s being monitored. But if you’re running your own bespoke service, you might need an equally bespoke exporter. This guide has you covered.

Observability for Distributed Systems

We take for granted that most folks we work with already know how to “do observability”, but this often isn’t the case at all. This article is a good primer for a distributed systems engineer who might not yet realize what they’re missing.

Linkerd at loveholidays

This pair of accompanying blog posts from loveholidays walk you through their onboarding process for Linkerd, with an emphasis on its performance and observability characteristics. Good stuff.

Connecting the dots using OpenTelemetry

OpenTelemetry is gaining ubiquity, but I still enjoy reading how others are adopting it and what challenges they might be facing. Props to Bureau engineers for sharing their story.

A comparison of unsupervised anomaly detection algorithms for time-series

A genuinely interesting comparison of numerous anomaly detection algorithms for time-series data. I would love to see a[n open source] benchmark suite that allows anyone to perform a similar comparison against their own independent data.

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Monitor Docker with MetricFire

Are you looking to monitor your Docker containers and applications and get performance metrics? Monitor your Docker instance and get metrics on CPU and memory usage, network traffic, and more using MetricFire. Get started for free or book a demo to learn more. (SPONSORED)

Synthetic response and uptime monitoring using the Prometheus Blackbox Exporter

The Prometheus Blackbox exporter remains a valuable tool for external monitoring of exposed services. This guide covers the basic but also offers up some practical examples that most teams would benefit from.

Observability — Tooling Decision Guide

A number of helpful considerations for driving your own observability tooling decision. I don’t think this guide is suitable for all companies or teams, but it’s a good starting point for framing the discussion.

Grafana security releases

Grafana has released security fixes for XSS vulnerabilities in each of their current supported major + minor versions, including the recently announced Grafana 9.4 release.


Monitorama PDX 2023 - June 26-28 (Portland, OR)

Looks like Monitorama has quietly released the speaker lineup for this year’s event. I can’t wait to see what the agenda looks like. Hope to see you there!

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