This week’s issue is loaded with hands-on technical posts and topics. Lots of Prometheus and OpenTelemetry coverage, and a flashback to early web viz. 🌈📈📷

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From The Community

Grafana vs. Prometheus Agent

A brief look at the history and differences between two popular open source Observability agents.

Observability in Stocks

One company’s journey to incorporate tracing into their application stack.

Enhancing Grafana alerting with Dynamic Thresholds

A creative way of building your own dynamic alerts that doesn’t require AI (whew).

Our Favorite #chArt

Who else remembers the old WebOps Visualizations album on Flickr?

Improve your Observability Journey by Implementing a Maturity Model

Although I really like the deliberate approach here, I could’ve used without the hand-wavy AIOps step.

Hunting for a Memory Leak in a Node.js Application on Kubernetes

Some debugging tips and examples for tracking memory leaks in Node.js.

Getting Started with OpenTelemetry

A solid introduction to OpenTelemetry with examples in Java.

Context Propagation in OpenTelemetry

The follow-up article from the same author, this time with a focus on context propagation.

Prometheus: running Pushgateway on Kubernetes with Helm and Terraform

A handy guide for capturing your Lambda metrics in Prometheus through the use of Pushgateway.

Sunsetting OpenCensus

OpenTelemetry passes another major milestone, having reached feature parity with OpenCensus with most popular programming languages. Accordingly, the OpenCensus project (which merged with the OpenTracing project to form OpenTelemetry) is being sunset this year.


Monitorama 2023 PDX

Monitorama has announced their full agenda for this year’s event. Looks like an awesome collection of topics and speakers. Hope to see you there!

OSMC 2023 - Call for Papers

The Open Source Monitoring Conference is returning for another event this November in Germany. Proposals are now being accepted for their Call for Papers.

See you next week!

– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor